Short-Term Programs


Check-in and Orientation

Things to do on arrival

After your arrival at AIU campus, you will complete forms for the following:

Residence Registration - All residents, regardless of nationality are required to register at the local city hall. International students will have their address recorded on the back of their residence card, which will be their primary ID throughout their time in Japan.

National Health Insurance - In accordance with Japanese law, AIU requires all students to carry National Health Insurance.

Pension Plan - If you are a resident of Japan age 20 or older, you are required to join the Pension Plan. If you have no income, you will receive an “exemption of payment” while you are a student.

Bank Account (optional) - For safekeeping and to receive overseas remittances, AIU recommends that international students open a bank account in Japan.

Hanko seal (optional) - Just as you write your signature on contracts, application forms etc., in your home country, people in Japan use Hanko seals (official personal stamps) instead of a signature. You will have several chances to use one in Japan, such as when you open your bank account, etc.

Orientation Week

All new students are required to attend the orientation sessions, which cover information on life in Japan, academic information, registration at the local City Hall, etc., Students called “Peer Supporters” voluntarily help new students check in to the on-campus housing, fill out paperwork at the check-in desk, conduct campus tours etc.

Please download the Fall 2019 Orientation Schedule (PDF) and bring it with you to Japan.

Academic Calendar(The dates are subject to change)

Please find below the Academic Calendar.
Academic Calendar.

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