Short-Term Programs

Housing Application

The information on this page is for the usual application schedule and procedure.

The housing application process and facility availability for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Semesters are subject to change based on the countermeasures for prevention of the COVID-19 infection transmission on campus. Please contact the AIU Inbound Exchange Team for the most up-to-date information.

An Integral Part of the AIU Experience

AIU requires all short-term international students to live in on-campus housing.

Living together with other exchange students from partner institutions in 50 countries and territories, as well as Japanese students, teaches more about intercultural cooperation and understanding than any classroom or textbook possibly could.

Housing Application

Students apply for housing through the Online Application System after acceptance to AIU.

Themed Houses: Students who wish to live in one of the Themed Houses must submit a separate application by email. Information on available Themed Houses and the application process will be sent to all accepted students.

Before submitting the Housing Application online, be sure to review the costs, assignment process, and availability dates below and read through the all of the information on the Housing Information page.

Housing Costs

Rent and Fees (per Semester)
Semester Komachi Hall Global Village Sakura Village New Apartment
Spring Semester
per student
90,000 JPY
utilities included
126,000 JPY
utilities included
202,500 JPY
utilities included
211,500 JPY
utilities included
Fall Semester
per student
90,000 JPY
utilities included
130,000 JPY
utilities included
206,500 JPY
utilities included
215,500 JPY
utilities included
Winter Program
per student
60,000 JPY
utilities included
88,000 JPY
utilities included
139,000 JPY
utilities included
145,000 JPY
utilities included

Komachi Hall will not be used in the Academic Year 2022 due to renovation. During that time, the new apartment will be the dormitory for freshmen instead.

Utilities Fees: Utilities include electricity, water, internet, and gas (where applicable) and are included in the rent for all facilities.

*Bedding & Cleaning Fee: 20,000 JPY (Fall/Spring); 7,050 JPY (Winter). The cleaning fee covers weekly cleaning of the pillowcase, mattress cover, blanket cover, and comforter cover. Charges will be assessed for any excessive stains or replacement of the bedding set. Payment of bedding and cleaning fee and use of the bedding set is mandatory for residents of all housing types.

Room Assignments

Students may express a room preference on the Housing Application Form. However, final room and roommate assignments will be made solely by AIU. Although AIU will consider student housing preferences and other information carefully, we cannot always meet students' requests. Please understand that AIU cannot respond to requests for specific roommates, nor reply to case-by-case inquiries in advance.

Special Arrangements & Support

Students who need special arrangements or a particular room assignment because of special circumstances (physical or medical condition, etc.) must request that in advance and supply an official document, such as medical doctor's report, to verify their condition.

Room Assignment System for Each Facility

Sakura Village: AIU will contact students who applied for Sakura Village no later than July 1 (fall semester) or February 1 (spring semester) to inform them whether or not they were placed in Sakura Village. Room numbers and roommate information will not be available until after students arrive on campus.

Themed Houses: AIU will announce the results of the Themed House application on the date specified in the Themed House application guidelines. Room numbers and roommate information will not be available until after students arrive on campus.

Global Village & Komachi Residence Hall: Students who apply for Global Village or Komachi Hall, and those who are not able to be placed in Sakura Village or the Themed Houses, will not be able to find out their final facility, room number, or roommate information until after arrival.

Students may apply to change housing between semesters by submitting an application in December (for the spring semester) or July (for the fall semester).

Housing Availability Dates

The period of housing availability for each semester is as below.
*It is not possible to arrive earlier or depart later than the dates below.

Spring Semester 2021 April 1, 2021 - August 7, 2021
Fall Semester 2021 August 25, 2021 - December 24, 2021
Winter Program 2022 December 25, 2021 - March 7, 2022

Students must move out of housing no later than 17:30 on the final day listed in the table above. Students cannot stay in on-campus housing beyond the accommodation period above unless they will continue their studies at AIU in a subsequent semester.

Housing During Long Breaks

On-campus housing is available during the university Summer Break (August 1 - August 31) to students who are enrolled in both Spring and Fall Semesters. Housing is also available during the Winter Break (December 23 - March 31) to students who are enrolled in both Fall and Spring Semesters, regardless of whether or not they enroll in the Winter Program. All students who wish to retain their housing during Winter Break must pay the housing fees in the chart above.

Considerations for Shared Housing


On-campus accommodations share common spaces. As such, the possibility of spreading infectious diseases is high. To prevent the possible risk of infection, we strongly request that students receive the following vaccinations before your arrival at AIU:

  • MMR vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine)
  • DPT vaccine (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine)
  • COVID-19 vaccine

NOTE: Students enrolled at AIU during the fall semester will be required to receive the influenza vaccine on campus at their own expense.

For further information, please refer to the Medical Information Form.

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