How to Apply

Step by Step Application Procedures

Step 1. Nomination

For Students from one of AIU’s Partner Universities:
*For Partner Universities: Please contact AIU at international+summerprogram@gl.aiu.ac.jp and check seat availability before nominating your student(s). After confirming the number of seats, AIU will send your university a username and password for the AIU online nomination system.
*For Students: In order to start the application procedure, applicants must be nominated by their home university. After applicants are officially nominated by their home university, AIU will send the nominated student a username and password to access the AIU online application system through their home university.

For Students from Non-Partner Universities:
Those who wish to apply for the AIU Summer Program, must contact AIU at international+summerprogram@gl.aiu.ac.jp first to receive further instructions for the application process. After AIU confirms the availability and receives an official nomination from the nominee’s home university, AIU will send the nominated student a username and password to access the AIU online application system through their home university.

Step 2. Online Application

After the nominee receives a username and password from their home university, they must access our Online Application System and complete the Online Application Form.

It is very important that applicants provide accurate information on the application form because it will be used for AIU registration.

After you fill out the “Online Application Form” and click “Confirm” you will be taken to the “Online Application Confirmation Sheet.” After checking the information, click “Download as PDF to Print” to print out the “Online Application Confirmation Sheet.” The “Certification and Consent” page will be printed automatically with your “Online Application Confirmation Sheet” on the last page. Fill out the “Certification and Consent” by yourself, and have the “Study Abroad Advisor” section filled out by the appropriate person at your home university. After printing out the “Online Application Confirmation Sheet,” you must click “Submit” to complete your online application.

Step 3. Submission of Required Documents

All required application documents listed below must reach AIU’s Center for International Affairs no later than March 15 by email (in a digital format) at international+summerprogram@gl.aiu.ac.jp. Applications that fail to reach us by the above deadline may not be accepted. Additionally, incomplete applications, including applications submitted online that are missing the required documents, will not be processed.

All documents must be written in English. If you submit a document written in another language, you must attach an English translation.

Required Documents
1) Completed and signed “Online Application Confirmation Sheet”

After printing out the completed and signed “Online Application Confirmation Sheet,” you must also attach the ID-style photo where indicated.

2) Official Academic Transcript from Home University
3) Personal Statement of Purpose (300-500 words) (No specified format)
4) Reference Form from an instructor at your university (2 pages each) : You can download the “Reference Form” here.

Please give this form to someone familiar with your current academic performance and progress (e.g. academic adviser or current professor) to fill out.

*Partner University Students: Submit ONE Reference Form.
*Non-Partner University Students: Submit TWO Reference Forms.

5)Reference Form from Home Institution (pdf) (1 page): You can download the ‘Reference Form’ here. 

The Reference Form needs to be filled out by the sending university staff (e.g. Study Abroad Advisor) to confirm that the nominated student meets AIU eligibility requirements. It must be either physically or digitally signed and dated by the Referee.

6) Proof of English language proficiency (If applicable)

*Please refer to the “Eligibility” section.

7) Copies of the following 2 pages of your passport (A valid passport that covers the entire duration of the summer program)

*Front Cover of the passport

*Page with your photograph and biographical details

Please scan all application documents (including the Online Application Confirmation Sheet with the ID photo) and email them to international+summerprogram@gl.aiu.ac.jp by the deadline for application submission.

Selection Process

Please note that nomination alone does not confirm your enrollment. Acceptance will be contingent on the results of students’ applications, and successful applicants will receive an official letter of acceptance by April 15 following the selection process by the AIU selection committee.
Please note that exchange students from our partner institutions who have not previously studied at AIU will be given priority for admission due to the limited capacity of the program.

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