Oct, 1998Council for Enhancement of Higher Education in Akita founded
(Chairperson: Kumiko BANDO, Vice Governor, Akita Prefecture)
Apr, 2000Research and Reviewing Committee founded
(Chairperson: Mineo NAKAJIMA, President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Mar, 2002International University Founding and Preparatory Committee formed
(Chairperson: Mineo NAKAJIMA, Secretary General, UMAP International Office)
Nov, 2003Establishment of AIU was approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Apr, 2004Akita International University inaugurated, and the establishment of AIU as a public university corporation was approved by MEXT and The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT)
(The first Chair of the Board/President Dr. Mineo NAKAJIMA)
Feb, 2005Center for Regional Sustainability Initiatives (CRESI) founded
Jul, 2005Satellite Center opened in center of Akita City
Apr, 2006Undergraduate admission capacity expanded from 100 to 130 students
Jun, 2007Global Village (student apartment) completed
Mar, 20081st Commencement Ceremony of Undergraduate School
Library Building Completed
Apr, 2008Teacher’s License Program established
“Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center” (LDIC) founded
Undergraduate admission capacity expanded from 130 to 150 students
Sep, 2008Professional graduate school, the “Graduate School of Global Communication and Language,” established with an admission capacity of 30 students
Dec, 2008Lecture Building D completed
Mar, 2010Multi-Purpose Hall completed
5th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony
Aug, 20101st Commencement Ceremony of Graduate School
Apr, 2011Undergraduate admission capacity expanded from 150 to 175 students
Jan, 2012Center for East Asia Research (CEAR) founded
Mar, 2013Sakura Village (student apartment) completed
Jun, 2013Appointment of new Chair of the Board/President, Norihiko SUZUKI, DBA
Sep, 2013Active Learning Support Center (ALSC) founded
Center for Promotion of International Liberal Arts Education (CPILAE) founded
Sep, 2014Selected as the Top Global University Project (MEXT)
Nov, 201410th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony
Rename of facilities: Nakajima Library (former AIU Library) and Suda Hall (former Multi-Purpose Hall)
Apr, 2015Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration (IASRC) founded (joint institute of former CRESI and CEAR)
Sep, 2015Center for Student Initiatives (Building I) completed
Sep, 2016Institute for Promotion of International Liberal Arts Education founded
Mar, 2017Satellite Center integrated into LDIC
Apr, 2021Restructuring and implementation of new undergraduate curriculum
Jun, 2021Appointment of new Chair of the Board/President, Prof. Monte CASSIM
Mar, 2022Tsubaki Village (student apartment) completed
Apr, 2022Institute for Promotion of Applied International Liberal Arts founded
(joint institute of former Institute for Promotion of International Liberal Arts Education and IASRC)