Reasonable Accommodations

Based on the philosophy of the “Act for Eliminating Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities”, AIU provides support (reasonable accommodations) to students with needs* by eliminating social and physical barriers for all students to exercise the right to study and experience university life, ensuring an equal opportunity environment regardless of disabilities.

*”Students with needs for support” refers to students who face restrictions on academic learning and/or daily life over an extended period because of physical disabilities, internal impediment and/or disease and wish to receive support and/or are recognized to require support.

Principle Policy

  • We respect our student’s initiative and arrange a reasonable accommodations according to their needs.
  • We help our students better understand themselves and encourage them to acquire self-advocacy skills.
  • We promote the understanding of the reasonable accommodation among the faculty and staff members to protect the student’s rights and interests.
  • We respect our student’s privacy and manage personal information confidentially.

Support Structure

  • Dean of Academic Affairs/The Vice President determines and introduces necessary accommodations. The Student Disability Support Committee and Student Disability Committee Group are set under the authorization of the Vice President.
  • Two Study and Student Well-being Coordinators

Responsibilities of Students who Receive Reasonable Accommodations

  • To fulfill the standards of academic performance required by the university.
  • To apply every semester.
  • To submit a “Disability Certificate” or documents that prove the student’s disability or disease.
  • To follow instructions from a medical doctor if medical treatment or care is deemed necessary.

Flow of Procedure

Apply by submitting an online form

Meet with coordinators

The Student Disability Support Committee/Group will examine the application and the possible support

The Student Disability Support Committee/Group determines the contents of academic/student life support

The Student Disability Support Committee/Group will prepare the letter of reasonable accommodation requests and send them to the course faculty members

Reasonable accommodations for your academic/student life support starts

Review the support with the coordinator

Where and How to Apply for Reasonable Accommodations

If you are a future student at AIU, please contact us at the e-mail address below. If you are a current student at AIU, please apply from the online application form in the folder of “Accessibility service” on ATOMS.
The coordinator will contact you after checking the contents of the application form.

Time Schedule

We will accept your applications anytime, but the screening process will take about a month. Please allow time for your application to be processed.

Handling of Personal Information

Student Affairs Department will keep and manage all the information obtained through this application process confidentially. However, when the support is determined to be provided, the relevant faculty and staff members may need to know more about the applicants for the most appropriate consideration. For this purpose, the collected information may be shared among those essential parties based on the student’s prior understanding and consent on why, what, and to whom it should be disclosed. For details, please contact the coordinator.


  1. Akita International University Regulations Regarding Support for Students with Disabilities
  2. Akita International University Regulations Regarding Students Disability Support Committee
  3. Guideline on Support system of “Student Disability Support Group”
  4. Guideline on Measures to Promote Elimination of Discrimination Due to Disability for Faculty and Staff Members
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