Curricular Flow

Akita International University has established the educational method that we call Applied International Liberal Arts (AILA) to take our International Liberal Arts education a step further. AILA is a structure for fostering global leaders through the interaction of “Integrated Knowledge” and “Interpersonal Skills”.

Fostering Integrated Knowledge

AILA 1 Foundation Academics, Self-Expression

Acquisition four English Proficiencies

  • English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP)

AILA 2 Growth Research, Logical Thinking

Interdisciplinary Studies, Choice of Program

  • Foundation Courses
  • Core Liberal Arts Courses(CLA)

AILA 3 Development Analytic, Connections

One Year Study Abroad Program

  • Advanced Liberal Arts Courses
  • Global Business Program (GB)
  • Global Studies Program (GS)
  • Global Connectivity Program (GC)

AILA 4 Application Integration

Graduation Thesis

  • Capstone Seminar

Integration of the knowledge and skills acquired at AIU to complete a final project.

Fostering Interpersonal Skills

Akita International University’s mission is to foster world-class leaders. We define global leaders as people who serve global society with Interpersonal Skills as well as who possess Integrated Knowledge. In order to apply Integrated Knowledge in the real world, students must have the ability to convey information that resonates with people with different perspectives and positions, as well as the kind of character that will gain people’s trust and consensus. We offer the opportunity and environment for students to enhance their Interpersonal Skills including ethics, self-respect, contribution, perseverance, social skills, self-discipline, and the ability to understand and accept diversity by overcoming various challenges.

Campus Designed for Learning and Living

About 200 international students from over 200 partner universities across the world study at our university, where the campus creates a multicultural space that looks like the epitome of the world. It is the stage of cultural exchange where you can spend time with international students and other students in the student residences, join clubs and societies to enjoy sports and cultural activities and engage in casual conversations with them after lectures.

Extracurricular Activities

Active participation in club and circle activities enriches student life and builds interpersonal relationships, as well as organizational and social skills. AIU is a university populated by inquisitive and motivated students, and has many clubs and groups. Students from all over Japan and all around the world take part in these activities on a daily basis.

One Year Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a process of learning, discussing, gaining new understandings, and reflecting deeply on on’s own country and oneself while encountering a broad spectrum of values together with other talented young people who will lead the future in countries around the world. These days, when so many study abroad programs are available, choosing a study abroad program with substance is key to growing while abroad and using the experience for a better future.

Unique Programs and Activities to Enhance AILA

AIU offers a variety of opportunities for students to exercise and practice the skills they acquired through AIU’s International Liberal Arts education while deeply interacting with people inside and outside the AIU community.

Unique Programs and Activities to Enhance AILA

Integrated Knowledge, the skills to solve problems with a multifaceted and cross-disciplinary approach, can only be useful in the real world when you are also equipped with Interpersonal Skills, the social skills to advance projects with passion, empathy, and respect towards others and the local community.
AIU offers a variety of opportunities for students to exercise and practice the skills they acquired through AIU’s International Liberal Arts education while deeply interacting with people inside and outside the AIU community.

International Project-Based Learning

In PBL, students work on various issues related to each area of the region through lectures, documentary research, data collection and analysis through fieldwork and other means, presentations and discussions, and report writing.

Collaborative Project with Business Sector

AIU Design Lab is an industry-academia collaborative program in which students and companies work together to solve various issues faced by universities and companies in Akita Prefecture.

AILA Activities and Projects

Almost all Advanced Liberal Arts Courses include opportunities for knowledge integration and practical application as AILA projects inside and outside of the classroom.

Community Outreach

AIU’s community outreach programs engage a broad range of ages, from infants to university students, with a focus on elementary and junior high schools in Akita prefecture.

Reform of English Education

We run a program called “English Village” for elementary, junior, and senior high school students to learn English in English. Through the experience of receiving training from the teaching staff, prior to teaching classes for school children, students (graduates, undergraduates, and international students) of AIU learn to be independent and active in their own studies.

Partners Programs

The Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion Program: Advanced (J-CIP:A) is an intensive course in Akita studies taught entirely in Japanese, established by AIU in cooperation with The Australian National University.

Themed House

The campus has a student dormitory for first-year students and student apartments for second-year and older students, where students live together with international exchange students.