AIU students are eligible for the scholarship/financial aid programs listed below. We offer free consultation for applications. AIU also offers and manages its own scholarship programs, backed by the generous contributions from our stakeholders such as the AIU Supporters Club and other organizations.

Akita International University Scholarship (grants)

*Information below is subject to change. (As of April 2023)

AIU Honors Program for Academic Achievement for Study-Abroad Candidates

Amount100,000 JPY
EligibilityStudents chosen by the university based on their academic achievement, who will start their mandatory one-year study abroad, from the following semester.

AIU Ambassador Subsidy

Amount/timeOnline Conference Attendance: 10,000 JPY
Attendance at a domestic conference or other events where total expenses for the attendance are less than 10,000 yen: 10,000 JPY
– 10,000 yen or more: 20,000 JPY
Attendance at an overseas conference: 50,000 JPY
EligibilityUndergraduate students, special non-degree seeking students, and graduate students who will participate in a domestic, overseas or online conference or a research presentation (graduate students are eligible only if they will make presentations at the event), and who can receive recommendations from at least one faculty member for their attendance.

AIU Fukinoto Special Scholarship

Amount/time150,000 JPY
EligibilityUndergraduate students, special non-degree seeking students, and graduate students who have not been selected as recipients of any financial aid programs by January of the academic year in spite of their own efforts. They should have required academic performance at the time of application and be able to provide documents to explain their financial situation.

Emergency Support Scholarship

Amount/grant80,000 JPY (The amount could be adjusted up to 160,000 JPY depending on the circumstances.)
EligibilityUndergraduate students, special non-degree seeking students, and graduate students who are in need of financial assistance due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control. The cases applicable include decease or unemployment of a student’s tuition defrayer, and serious damage to his or her property due to natural disasters. In the case of natural disaster victims, they can apply for this program only when the JASSO’s Disaster Subventions is not provided.

AIU Scholarship for Degree-Seeking Students from Akita Prefecture

Amount/semester80,100 JPY (if AIU’s own tuition reduction or exemption is applied, 40,050 JPY)
EligibilityDegree-seeking students from Akita prefecture, who were enrolled in AIU in or after April 2012, and have paid the tuition by the due date.

AIU Scholarship for Degree-seeking Students from other prefectures than Akita

AmountCategory 1: 80,100 JPY/semester
Category 2: 53,400 JPY/semester
Category 3: 26,700 JPY/semester
EligibilityDegree-seeking undergraduates from other prefectures than Akita, who were enrolled in AIU in or after April 2012, and has been selected as a recipient for a scholarship and tuition waiver under the Japanese government’s program of “Financial Support to encourage Higher Education Enrolment” and has duly paid tuition to the university by the deadline.

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship (loans)

See the following website for details on the financial aid offered by the Japan Student Services Organization.

Local Government/Non-Government Organization Scholarships (grants & loans)

Prefectures, local municipalities, and various non-governmental organizations offer their own financial support opportunities for students. The eligibility, the required documents, the periods of receipt, and the types (grants or loans) differ among the programs.

Suda Human Resource Development Fund

The Suda Human Resource Development Fund was established to promote AIU’s science and technology education, which helps pioneer the way to a better society for the next generation. The fund also aims to foster human resources that will contribute to the development of the science and technology industries in Akita Prefecture, encouraging further job placements for alumni.

This fund will be used to support student-driven activities, which aim to solve local problems in collaboration with local companies and help repay the loan/ scholarship of alumni who were employed by these Akita companies.

Donation for Scholarship

AIU warmly encourages contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund to support the campus life of both degree-seeking and international students and their academic activities. If you would like to consider any contributions, please contact the office listed below. Your kind offer is always welcome and appreciated. Note; amounts contributed are tax-free.

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