Active Learning Center:

Active Learning Center (ALC) supports students’ autonomous learning and self-efficacy development through the Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center (LDIC), the Academic Achievement Center (AAC),  the Academic Career Support Center (ACSC), and the Infinity Room (IFR). The LDIC supports autonomous study of foreign languages, cultures, and communication. The AAC helps students improve their academic skills through peer support. The ACSC assists students in their pursuit of graduate school education, and the IFR supports students to strengthen their mathematical skills.


Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center (LDIC)

The LDIC is a foreign language self-study facility open to students, faculty/staff, and the general public. It also supports activities that facilitate language development and intercultural communication such as the Foreign Language Conversation Partners Program.

Academic Achievement Center (AAC)

The AAC is a peer support center where student tutors provide individualized academic support to other students. The AAC provides support to help students achieve their goals, not only in areas where they are weak, but also in areas where they are strong.

Academic Career Support Center (ACSC)

The ACSC supports undergraduate students who are considering graduate schools either within Japan or overseas. ACSC services include academic career support workshops, information sessions, guest lectures, and one-on-one consultations with ACSC faculty members.

Infinity Room (IFR)

The university, which upholds “Applied International Liberal Arts Education,” deepens cross-sectional learning in a variety of academic fields, regardless of whether they are in the humanities or sciences. However, it is a fact that some students have difficulty in mathematics and other science-related subjects. The IFR is an experimental space where students can freely come and go, both in person and online, to “experience” and enjoy mathematics. This playful space, which satisfies students’ curiosity, will enhance a well-balanced liberal arts education by inviting students to explore STEM subject areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), using mathematics as a gateway. It aims to enhance a well-balanced liberal arts education.