Dining on Campus


The cafeteria offers the following menu options to students, faculty, staff members and the public: “Meal Plan”, and “Restaurant”. (Please note that the public is only allowed to use the cafeteria for lunch and dinner.) 
Below is the basic information about the cafeteria

Meal PlanRestaurant
AboutIn the cafeteria, nutritionists will provide nutritionally balanced meals. Several menu choices will be offered for lunches and dinners on weekdays. This menu is for Meal Plan eligible students, but can also be purchased for cash by students, faculty and staff who haven’t purchased a meal plan.Rice bowl dishes, noodles, and plate meals are available.They can be purchased with cash or credit card each time.
HoursOperation Hours for Meal PlanOperation Hours for Restaurant
Meal Plan OptionsFor Degree-seeking students

For Short-Term International students
Prepaid cardsMeal Plan can be purchased in cash on a per-meal basis or with a prepaid card. The balance on the card cannot be redeemed for cash. A few percent of the payment amount is added to the card.

Prepaid Card 5,000: 5,000 JPY (5,500 JPY worth)
Prepaid Card 3,000: 3,000 JPY (3,200 JPY worth)
NotesThe first year Degree-Seeking Students living in Komachi will be required to purchase a Semester Meal Plan. There are some meal plan options for the second year or the older students. For the Short-term Students, we ask them to purchase a two week meal plan because the semester is very busy with new student orientation sessions, course registration, and other activities. It is also time to settle into a new environment at AIU.

If you have dietary restrictions (Vegan meal, Halal meal, Pescatarian meal, Food Allergy meal), the cafeteria will consider special meal plan menus.
Please be advised that there may be instances where we are unable to fulfill your requests.

The cafeteria may be able to arrange a meal for students who have purchased a Meal Plan in the case that you are unable to have a meal during the opening hours of the cafeteria due to your class schedule.

Meals During Breaks

The cafeteria will be closed or its operation hours will be changed during the following periods.
-Golden Week (late April to early May)
-Long vacation periods (August, late December to early January, early March to late March)
*Operation hours are subject to change during periods other than the above due to events, facility inspections, etc.