Short-Term Programs

Extending Your Stay

In Fall 2021, the application timeline is different from the table below. Interested students should check the revised timeline and necessary information you received by e-mail from the Center for International Affairs.
Detailed instructions about the application schedule and procedures will be announced after October 15.

If a student would like to extend the period of stay at AIU longer than his/her original plan, he/she needs to submit an extension application.

Before You Begin: Contact Your Home University for Permission

Students will need to obtain a nomination from their home universities as part of the application process to extend their stay at AIU. Please do not wait for the AIU application period to begin, but contact your home university study abroad office as well as your academic adviser, to obtain permission and learn their procedures required for extending your stay.

**Please note that due to the exchange imbalance between AIU and partner schools and capacity limitations we may not be able to accept all applicants for extension.

Application Timeline:

Extension for Winter Program and/or Spring Semester. Extension for Fall Semester or Fall Semester and Winter Program
Consultation with your home university Any time Any time
Information Announced by email
**We will inform you of your current enrollment period
November 1 June 3
Application Period for Extension of Enrollment at AIU November 1 – November 15 June 3 – June 14
Notification of acceptance November 27 June 25
Online Pre-Registration
**Course registration information will be provided by the Divison of Student Records
Mid-November Early July
Internal Application Extension of Period of Stay in Japan (Deadline for Submission to AIU) December 13 July 12
Application to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau Late December By end of July
Invoice and Payment Late December By end of July

Submission of Required Documents for Extension Application:

The application process consists of three steps:

  • STEP 1. Application for Extension of Studies at AIU
  • STEP 2. Application for Extension of Period of Stay in Japan (Submitted to AIU)
    **Extending your enrollment period at AIU may require you to extend your residence card at the immigration bureau before your period of stay expires.
  • STEP 3. Submission of Application to the Immigration Bureau
    **Once your Application for Extension to Period of Stay in Japan is approved by AIU, you are required to take it to the Immigration Office in person.
    **After your new Residence Card is issued, you will be informed by postcard from the Immigration Office. Please take that postcard to the office to pick up your new card then bring the card to the Center for International Affairs
Be sure to submit all documents by the deadlines below. Late applications will not be accepted.
Step 1: Application for Extension of Studies at AIU

Note: If you are already enrolled in the Fall and following Spring semester and would like to add the Winter program in the middle as well, you are only required to ask your home university to send us a confirmation e-mail of your additional enrollment of Winter program and 3. Personal statement of purpose.
Note: For those who are enrolled/wish to enroll in the Winter program, please refer to the information at:

Currently enrolled in:
Document Instructions
Fall Spring
Nov 15 Jun 14 1. Nomination Form from Home University - Ask your home university to fill out the form and send it to AIU via e-mail or FAX.
Form may be downloaded from the link to the left
Nov 15 Jun 14 2. Completed, signed Application Form - Complete the online application form ( with the log-in information given at the time of AIU admission. This information will be sent to you via e-mail.
- Print online application and make sure you sign on the page
Nov 15 Jun 14 3. Personal statement of purpose - 150-250 words
**No specified format
Nov 15 Jun 14 4. Academic Transcript from AIU - Students who have completed at least one semester at AIU, only
- Obtain this certificate from the machine in Building A
Nov 15 Jun 14 5. Two Reference Forms - Submit two from your course instructors.
**You must contact your course instructors a week before the submission deadline.
**If you are taking courses other than Japanese language, one of the forms should be completed by a subject course instructor.
- The form may be downloaded from the link to the left
Step 2: Application for Extension of Period of Stay in Japan Once Accepted
Currently enrolled in:
Document Instructions
Fall Spring
Dec 13 Jul 12 6. Application for Extension of Period of Stay - Be sure to download both the Application Form (excel format) and Sample
- Form must be completed as shown in the Sample
Dec 13 Jul 12 7. Certificate of Enrollment
(In Japanese, on blue paper)
- Obtain this document from the machine in Building A.
Please ask Student Affairs for the official, blue paper
Dec 13 Jul 12 8. Official Academic Transcript
(In Japanese, on blue paper)
- Transcripts are required only for students who have completed at least one semester at AIU. Obtain this document from the machine in Building A.
(Please ask Student Affairs for the official, blue paper)
Dec 13 Jul 12 9.Registered Course list
and Study Plan for the extending semester
Print out the screens of “Course Registration Information” of both current and extending semesters from ATOMS.
Dec 13 Jul 12 10. Proof of Financial Resources
Be sure to read instructions below
(Be sure to read instructions below)
**Insufficient documents will NOT be accepted by the Immigration Bureau.
**Be sure to meet all requirements to the right.
Acceptable forms of proof for visa processing: (Submit 1, and/or 2)
**The Immigration Bureau does NOT accept salary letters or statements of income, credit card statements, stock certificates, real property, or corporate assets, which may lose value, or property that cannot be converted into cash.
1. Bank Account Balance Statement Required if you will be supported in whole or part by “personal savings” or a “financial supporter”
- Must be dated no more than 1 month prior to submission
- Must show account holder’s name and balance on the same page - Account must belong to you or your financial sponsor
- Must be written/translated in English
- “Account holder’s name” and “Final balance amount” must be highlighted.
- Internet-printed statements are acceptable only when the account holder’s name and account balance are shown on the same page.
**If you do not wish to disclose your account details or the balance of your / your sponsor’s account, A letter from your bank / your sponsor’s bank certifying that you have sufficient funds according to the table below with an original signature or bank official stamp is acceptable.
2. Proof of Scholarship/ Financial Aid/ Student Loan/ etc.
Required of you will be supported in whole or part by “scholarship/ financial aid”
- Must show the amount and period of award
- Award must be for the semester(s) you will be at AIU. Scholarship letters from previous terms CANNOT be accepted.
- Must show that you are the recipient and that the award is final
- Must be written/translated in English
- “Recipient’s name,” “Total amount, and “Period of Award” must be highlighted.
Step 3-1: Submission of Application to the Immigration Bureau
Currently enrolled in:
Document Instructions
Fall Spring
Dec 25 Jul 31 11. Application documents 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 (above) - Following approval and receipt of AIU's official seal on application form
Dec 25 Jul 31 12. Valid passport and Residence Card - You must bring the original with you to the immigration bureau
Step 3-2: Pick-up of New Card

**You will receive a postcard from the Immigration Bureau when your card is ready for pick-up
After picking up your card, please bring it to the Center for International Affairs immediately.

Deadline Document Instructions
Deadline printed on the Immigration Bureau postcard 13. Postcard from the Immigration Bureau - Also bring your passport and current Residence Card
14. 4000 yen for issuing fee You must purchase a 4000 yen revenue seal on the second floor of the immigration bureau building to pay for the issuing fee
- For further information, please see the Application Information from the Immigration Bureau
Important Instructions for 9. Proof of Financial Resources

Language: All documents must be written in English or accompanied by an English translation.

To meet Immigration Bureau standards for student visa processing, your Proof of Financial Resources must show at least the minimum amount listed in the chart below. Please be sure to convert your local currency into Japanese Yen (JPY).

Partner University
Exchange Students
All Other Students
One semester, only 300,000 JPY 500,000 JPY
Winter Program, only 200,000 JPY 200,000 JPY
One semester & Winter Program 500,000 JPY 700,000 JPY

Costs for Extending Students

Please refer to the Cost of Living page for information on expenses related to your extension.

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