Career Support

Helping Students Choose Their Path

The core of AIU’s career education is to encourage students to explore in depth how they want to live in the future based on a deep understanding of work and professions. This is why AIU offers a wide range of diverse career education.
After graduating from AIU, students have joined global companies and organizations. Their global perspectives based on solid liberal arts education, advanced communication skills, and the practical skills gained through their study abroad period have been highly recognized by recruiters of renowned corporations.
Some students advance to graduate schools in Japan or overseas. We believe that enabling students to use the four years at AIU to identify their interests, then to study specialized knowledge at a graduate school in their field of choice is precisely the role of liberal arts education.
For students entering the workforce, the Career Development Center offers individual support for each student who has found a solid goal and is working towards it. The Academic Career Support Center offers varied assistance to students aiming to enter a graduate school inside or outside Japan, or to become a highly specialized professional.

Secured Employment rate (AY2022)

100 %

Support for further education

Academic Career Support Center

Career Development Center: CDC

There is a variety of support for students considering their career path, including career counseling, internships, and on-campus company presentation events by company HR recruiters. There are also active student-to-student consultation meetings regarding career and school choice. Students can find active support not only from faculty and staff but also from older students, and this is one benefit of the relationships built in a small student population and intimate campus environment.

Online Job Search Support System

The Career Development Center provides face-to-face support for students’ job search, such as holding career workshops on campus. Also, the introduction of the online interview service has enabled both companies and students to deepen their understanding of each other through the viewing of videos, thereby creating better opportunities for matching. Together with career workshops held using web conferencing services, we are also promoting online job search support.

Academic Career Support Center (ACSC)

The Academic Career Support Center supports undergraduate students who are considering furthering their education at the graduate level. Through consultations, workshops, and guest lectures, the Center helps students find the right graduate school or professional graduate school inside or outside Japan across fields and regions.