Graduate School of
Global Communication
and Language

Graduate School

As a professional graduate school with degree-granting authority, AIU places a great deal of emphasis on practicality in its courses with special attention to theoretical and academic features. Conducted interactively, classes involve discussions that elicit students’ opinions on various subjects. Depending on the chosen subject area, students are required to take specialized courses in English Language Teaching Practices, Japanese Language Teaching Practices, or Global Communication Practices. All students learn theory in the classroom and then apply it in the real world through internships and teaching practice, thus deepening their theoretical knowledge and its process to application.


English Language Teaching Practices (ELT)

Fostering leaders in English language education with language proficiency, specialized expertise, and practical skills.

Japanese Language Teaching Practices (JLT)

JLT cultivates Japanese language teachers who possess a high level of specialized knowledge and skills and who can contribute to educational institutions both in Japan and abroad. (JLT content is available in Japanese only.)

Global Communication Practices (GCP)

GCP is designed to cultivate the knowledge and skills needed for advanced intercultural communication, which are vital for professionals in global business and communications, including journalists, public relations practitioners, and marketing and communications specialists.

Characteristics of the School

The curriculum features the following five characteristics, and a unique system is provided to meet various needs with students from different backgrounds.


Application Periods Time of Matriculation


September 19-28, 2023

April or September, 2024


December 4-13, 2023

April or September, 2024


April 12-22, 2024

September, 2024

Consultation before Application

In order to be sure that AIU is indeed the right university for students, we strongly recommend prospective students to have a consultation with an AIU faculty member before formally applying. Please complete this online form to book a consultation.