Club Activities

Active participation in club and circle activities enriches student life and builds interpersonal relationships, as well as organizational and social skills. AIU is a university populated by inquisitive and motivated students, and has many clubs and groups. Students from all over Japan and all around the world take part in these activities on a daily basis.

Student Activities

AIU Kanto Team

The first day I arrived at AIU we had a campus tour guided by student volunteers. On this tour I was able to see what is called “Kanto” for the first time, one of the traditional festive performances of Akita held every August, which is performed by the AIU Kanto Team. I would quickly fall in love with Kanto. I knew I had to try it out for myself, and felt really welcomed by the Kanto members upon joining. The more people I came to be friends with other members of the Kanto team and the more I joined their training sessions the more I became hooked. Kanto and the friends I made during Kanto practice are now some of the things I will miss the most on the sorrowful day when I have to leave Akita. It has been easy to get to know people during my stay in AIU, not only the people in the Kanto team but also the other students. I cannot state enough how lucky I have been to be able to meet so many beautiful people.

ー Birk SOERHUS, Exchange Student from University of Oslo

List of Clubs (AY2023)

Cultural Activities Clubs

  • AIU Red Cross Youth Volunteer Corps
  • AIU Student Ambassadors
  • AUWA
  • HAPPY PEOPLE in Akita
  • Environmental Club
  • Philosophy Cafe
  • Movie Circle
  • AIU Marche
  • AIU Kimono Club
  • Tea Ceremony Club
  • Calligraphy Club
  • AIU Revival & Reconstruction Supporter
  • Bible Study
  • Programming Club
  • Language Expression Club
  • Board Game Club

Global Understanding and Languages

  • V-ACT
  • Akita International University Debating Society
  • Sign Language Club
  • Akita Study Abroad Committee
  • AIU Diversity Club
  • Northeast Asia Student Round Table
  • Akita International University Model United Nations Club

Music and Dance

  • AIU A Cappella Club
  • AIU Rock Band Club
  • AIU Jazz Circle
  • AIU Dance Club
  • Japanese Traditional Dance club
  • Akita International University Hawaiian Hula Dance Club
  • AIU Musical Theater

Sports Clubs

  • Kyudo Club
  • AIU Kendo Club
  • AIU Tennis Club
  • Shorinji-Kempo Club
  • AIU Girls’ Futsal ESPERANZA
  • AIU Soft Tennis Club
  • AIU Table Tennis Club
  • Baseball Club
  • AIU Basketball Club
  • AIU Badminton Club
  • AIU Volleyball Club
  • AIU Flying Disc Club
  • AIU Rugby Club
  • AIU Wandervogel Club