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Club Activities

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Active participation in club and circle activities enriches student life and builds interpersonal relationships, as well as organizational and social skills. AIU is a university populated by inquisitive and motivated students, and has many clubs and groups. Students from all over Japan and all around the world take part in these activities on a daily basis.

List of Clubs/Circles (AY 2018)

Cultural Activities Clubs

  • AIU Ikebana Circle
  • AIU Philosophy circle Peripatos
  • Bible Study Circle
  • TEDxAkitaIntlU
  • AIU Studio E-sha
  • AIU Kimono Club
  • AIU Drama Club
  • Tea Ceremony club
  • Art & Design Club

Global Understanding and languages

  • Sign Language Circle
  • Northeast Asia Student Round Table
  • LGBTQ Diversity
  • AIU Debating Society
  • AIU Korea Society Club
  • V-ACT
  • Committee for International Security


  • HAPPY PEOPLE in Akita
  • Service Travel International Cooperation Club
  • AUWA
  • AIU Student Ambassadors
  • AIU Supporter

Music and Dance

  • AIU Gospel Choir
  • AIU Brass Band
  • AIU A Cappella Club あいう
  • Cheerleading
  • AIU Rock Band Club
  • AIU Yatose Team Arudan
  • Hawaiian Hula Club

Sports Clubs

  • AIU Rugby Club
  • Soft tennis club
  • Aikido club
  • Kendo Club
  • AIU Table Tennis Club
  • AIU Tennis Club
  • AIU Track and field
  • AIU Girls' futsal team ESPERANZA
  • AIU Baseball Club
  • AIU Volleyball Club
  • Handball Club
  • AIU Basketball Club
  • AIU Badminton Club
  • Shorinji-Kempo
  • AIU Extreme Martial Arts
  • AIU Wandervogel

Special Groups

  • AIU Kanto Team
picture of AIU Kanto Team

AIU Kanto Team

picture of Kendo club

Kendo club