Under the AILA Institute, aiming to be a driving force for innovative research, education, and community contribution rooted in the local region and extending to the global stage, we newly established the Creative Design & Data Science Center through collaboration between academia, industry, and government. We are conducting diverse research activities through collaborations with various academic institutions.

AIU Research Showcase

The AIU Research Showcase is an annual online event that gives our faculty and students the opportunity to share their regular research findings not only within the university, but also with the local community. In AY2022, in addition to presentations by 14 groups and 21 faculty members and students, we also welcomed presentations by researchers from our overseas partner universities, with 11 groups presenting. Presentations from AY2020 to AY2022 are available as archives on AIU’s website.

President’s Project Research

The President’s Project Research is a project established to support and promote interdisciplinary joint research among faculty members. Five projects were selected in AY2022, focusing on research with themes of regional contribution and problem solving. Presentations of their findings can be found in the AIU Research Showcase Archives.

Open Innovation Platforms for Industry-academia Co-creation (COI-NEXT)

In AY2022, our plan titled Value Creation Co-Creation Center for the Next Generation by Utilizing Forest Resources Developed through Technology, Education, and Design was selected for the COI-NEXT Co-Creation Area (Development Type). This project involves three public universities in Akita (Akita Prefectural University as the leading institution, Akita University of Art, and Akita International University) and private companies represented by Q0 Inc., and local governments, all leveraging their respective strengths to collaboratively shape the local community and drive societal transformation. The aim of this project is to develop human resources who can contribute to the region and create new industries by utilizing the abundant forest resources of the region as a pillar for business.

Sozo-no Forest Conference

In this project, with the aim of cultivating regional talent and cooperation and fostering entrepreneurial spirit, we are holding the Sozo-no Forest Conference. It is a gathering place for people who envision their own unique lifestyles and create ways of living and working in the environment of Akita.

Akita Folkloric Performance Art Archives

AIU has been operating the Akita Folkloric Performance Art Archives, which consolidates over 300 video materials of folk performances from Akita Prefecture, since 2013. In November 2022, to fully utilize these valuable video materials, we entered into a partnership agreement with the Ritsumeikan University Art Research Center (Ritsumeikan University ARC), which owns the largest digital data of Japanese cultural properties in Japan. Through this collaboration, the Akita Folk Performing Arts Archives has become searchable and viewable from around the world using the Ritsumeikan ARC database. We hope to contribute to the preservation of Akita’s valuable culture by promoting the use of video materials in the future.