Medical Care & Counseling

Health and Medical Care Room

The Health and Medical Care Room is in Building E. There is no medical doctor stationed on campus. The registered nurses will provide first aid treatment in English or Japanese for physical and mental symptoms. Also, students can receive medical examination, health consultation and health education such as AED seminar, building up physical strength, and food education, for a healthy life on campus. Students are encouraged to consult the room when they are not feeling well.

Counseling Room

The Counseling Room is in Building E and AIU’s professional counselors can assist students in English or Japanese. Counselors offer assistance for academic-related matters, interpersonal relationships, and culture shock. Students are encouraged to visit this facility whenever they feel the need to talk with someone. Counseling is provided on a reservation basis and privacy is strictly protected. Besides individual counseling, the Counseling Room also offers psycho educational lectures at orientations and in seminars, and provides information through a monthly newsletter.

The Hospitals and Clinics Situation in Akita, Japan

There is little medical support available in English at clinics and hospitals in Akita. You must ensure that you can access any necessary ongoing medical services during your stay in Akita prior to traveling to Japan. Please understand that in general AIU does not provide hospital escort or interpretation services.

Please refer to the Medical Preparation page for admitted students who need to bring medications and some common misconceptions about medical preparation.