About AIU

Quick Facts

As of April 1, 2022

Established: April, 2004
English Name: Akita International University (AIU)
Japanese Name: 国際教養大学 (Kokusai Kyoyo Daigaku)
Location: See AIU on Google Maps
Accreditation: AIU is a four-year undergraduate college with a graduate school, both of which are accredited by Japan University Accreditation Association, an accreditation organization designated by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan.
Corporation: Public University Corporation Akita International University was established by the prefectural government of Akita.
Language of Instruction: English (except for foreign language courses in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, and Spanish).
Undergraduate Majors: Global Business
Global Studies
Global Connectivity
Graduate Programs: English Language Teaching
Japanese Language Teaching
Global Communication Practices
Programs for International Students: AIU offers extensive programs in Japan Studies and Japanese Language for international students
Number of Students: Degree-seeking undergraduate students: 841
(Including international students from countries and regions)
Degree-seeking graduate students: 55
(Including international students from countries and regions)
Acceptance rate:
(class of 2025, degree-seeking students)
* Based on the total number of applicants and admitted students for all of AIU's entrance examinations for AY2021 enrollment.
International Exchange Students: 46 from 22 countries and regions
AIU will resume in-person study abroad in the Spring 2022 Semester to the maximum degree safely possible for international exchange students who wish to come, as long as certain conditions are met.
Starting Semester: April and September
Number of Subjects Offered: 322
Partner Institutions: 200 institutions in 51 countries and regions.
* All local degree-seeking students at AIU are required to complete one year of study abroad at one of these partner institutions to graduate from the university.
Number of Outgoing Students Studying Abroad: 144 students in 28 countries
AIU will resume in-person study abroad in the Spring 2022 Semester to the maximum degree safely possible for students who wish to go, as long as certain conditions are met. However, because the situation with COVID-19 remains uncertain, we understand that some students, or their guardians, may not be willing to study abroad in person due to health concerns, etc., so AIU will continue to offer study abroad alternatives like a Virtual Study Abroad or an Independent Study: Study Abroad Alternative approved by AIU for the students in that situation.
Student Faculty Ratio: 15:1
(Degree-seeking undergraduate students : Full-time Faculty ratio)
Male-Female Ratio: Degree-seeking undergraduate students: 32.7%:67.3%
Degree-seeking graduate students: 34.5%:65.5%
Full-time Faculty Members: 58
(Including 34 international faculty)
Part-time Faculty Members: 32
(Including 10 international faculty)
Administrative Staff: 100