Mandatory Insurance: Invoiced by AIU

In accordance with immigration law, AIU requires all international students to purchase Japanese National Health Insurance (NHI) without any exceptions. Because that covers 70% of all medical expenses only and does NOT cover the period of students’ traveling from home country to AIU, rescue expenses, and repatriation, it is neither life insurance nor overseas travel insurance. You will have to pay 30% of the expenses if/when you receive medical care at a hospital or clinic anywhere in Japan.

AIU also requires all international students to purchase “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Education and Research (SPER),” which provides students with coverage for physical injury as a result of accidents while engaged in activities pertaining to education or research at a university.

AIU invoices short-term international students for insurance fees in advance, as part of the Student Activity Fee, and pays regular insurance bills on students’ behalf.

Start of Validity and Insurance Card Receipt

Both mandatory insurances only cover students during the period of enrollment at AIU. AIU will enroll you in National Health Insurance during orientation and your insurance will be effective immediately at that time.
However, please note that it will take approximately 3 weeks before your insurance card is issued. If you visit a hospital before your National Health Insurance card is issued, you will have to pay the full cost of treatment and medication up front. Once you receive your National Health Insurance card, you can take that card and your receipt back to the hospital to receive a 70% refund on your charges.

Termination of Validity

After students complete their program at AIU, they must depart the country or change their residence status within 14 days. Both mandatory insurances become invalid immediately upon changing residence status, so students who stay in Japan for tourism will not be covered.

Mandatory Insurance: Self-Purchased

In addition to the above two insurances, you are required to purchase overseas travel insurance before departing your home country because the above two insurances are minimum coverage. The overseas travel insurance should be a comprehensive package which covers: Accident Death, Accident Disability, Death from Illness, Medical & Rescuer’s Expenses, Dental Treatment, Long Term Personal Liability, Household Goods and Personal Belongings, Tuition, Room & Board Expenses, Emergency Travel Expenses, etc.

Should you become seriously ill or injured while in Japan (or be involved in causing property damage or personal injury, for which you will be required to financially compensate the other party), having private overseas travel insurance will protect you.

The information below is a typical overseas travel insurance package that Japanese students carry when studying abroad. We believe that this sort of package is the kind that will be best suited to your needs.

Insurance Package

Coverage and amount of insuranceAmount in JPYAmount in USD
Accidental Death10,000,000 JPY69,531 USD
Accidental Disability30,000,000 JPY208,594 USD
Death from Illness10,000,000 JPY69,531 USD
Medical & Rescuer’s Expenses100,000,000 JPY695,314 USD
Dental Treatment100,000 JPY695 USD
Long Term Personal Liability50,000,000 JPY347,657 USD
Household Goods and Personal Belongings600,000 JPY4,172 USD
Tuition, Room & Board Expenses2,000,000 JPY13,906 USD
Emergency Travel Expenses350,000 JPY2,434 USD
*1 USD = 143.82 JPY at TTS rate as of September 2022.
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