AIU Privacy Policy

Akita International University properly handles all personal information in its possession in accordance with the “Akita International University Personal Information Protection Regulations” established by AIU, while complying with laws and other regulations concerning the protection of personal information to ensure the protection of privacy. AIU also engages in educational activities and strives to raise awareness of this matter among its faculty and staff.

1. Definition of personal information

The term refers to Information about a living individual that can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth, gender, address, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, examination number, student ID number, or any other description contained in the information (including information that can identify a specific individual when collated with other information).

2. Methods of acquiring personal information

AIU acquires personal information through legal and fair means.

3. Purpose of use of personal information

AIU will use personal information in its possession within the scope of the following purposes and to the extent necessary for the operation of its business.

SubjectPurpose of Use
Personal information of student(Classification)
For student registration managementLong absence, reinstatement, withdrawal procedures
For student academic supportRegistration of courses, registration guidance, lectures and examinations, grade management, study abroad procedures, recognition of credits, grading (graduation) judgment, degree awards, reward and punishment, issuance of certificates
For student life supportGuidance and advice related to student life in general, payment of student fees, financial support, health care management, counseling, special support, support for extracurricular activities, management of retention eligibility, management of student dormitories and student housing, lending of books, use of campus facilities and equipment, condolence and disaster relief
For career supportSupport for employment seeking, graduate school application, etc.
For AIU’s public relationsProduction of PR materials, media coverage, taking care of on-site visits & inspections
For on-campus employmentFor on-campus employment Payment of salaries and gratuities
OthersSurveys & statistics, improvement of educational and research activities, student support, and other business operations
Personal information of student’s parent/GuarantorThe communication necessary for giving students educational, life support instructions
Personal information of applicantsSelective examination for applicants, admission procedure, follow-up surveys

In addition to the above, when personal information is acquired in the course of the AIU’s business operations, the purpose of use will be specified on an individual basis and the consent of the individual will be obtained in advance.

4. Management of personal information

AIU takes necessary and appropriate security control measures to appropriately manage personal information in its possession and to prevent its loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

5. Provision of information to third parties

AIU will not disclose or provide personal information in its possession to any third party without the consent of the individual to whom the information pertains, except in cases where the provision of such information to a third party is permitted by law.

6. Publication of personal information file list

In accordance with Article 75 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the University prepares and publishes the Personal Information File Register regarding the personal information files it holds.

7. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use of Personal Information

Whenever there is a request from an individual to disclose, correct, or discontinue the use of personal information held by Akita International University, Akita International University will promptly respond to the request in accordance with the Akita International University Personal Information Protection Regulations.

Requests for disclosure, etc. are accepted at the following contact point, so please contact us for details.

Information Disclosure & Privacy Protection
Division of Institutional Planning, Administration Office
Tel: +81-18-886-5812