Message from President

Welcome to AIU’s Graduate School of Global Communication and Language, which consists of three programs: English Language Teaching Practices, Japanese Language Teaching Practices, and Global Communication Practices. These programs will prepare you for careers that require advanced skills in English and Japanese language education, journalism, and international public relations, among others. Communication, based on an understanding of the world around us in order to build a better society, and with language as the medium for doing so, is the common thread.

However, the university does not wish for its postgraduate scholars to fall into silos of narrowly defined skills. Professional depth and breadth of scholarship, exercised with empathy and integrity, characterizes our post-graduate school, which is also committed to nurturing these qualities of global leadership. It draws on AIU’s unique Applied International Liberal Arts (AILA) pedagogic foundations, which requires cultivation of the mind and body in order to lead an honorable life in one’s chosen professional field in a world that is changing with great rapidity.

Against this backdrop, communication and language are not merely the tools of one’s trade. They reach out to the very core of how our cultures and human heritage have been built. I do hope that those of you who join us will explore this further with your boundless creativity, leading to a rewarding experience that will surely enrich your lives.

Chair of the Board/President, Akita International University