About AIU

Quick Facts

As of May 1, 2016

Established: April, 2004
English Name: Akita International University or AIU
Japanese Name: 国際教養大学 or "Kokusai Kyoyo Daigaku"
Location: See Akita International University on Google Maps
Accreditation: AIU is a four-year undergraduate college with a graduate school, both of which are accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, the sole accreditation agency in Japan.
Public University Corporation: AIU is established by the prefectural government of Akita.
Language of Instruction: English (except for foreign language courses in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, French, and Spanish).
Undergraduate Majors: Global Business
Global Studies
Graduate Programs: English Language Teaching
Japanese Language Teaching
Global Communication Practices
Programs for International Students: AIU offers extensive programs in Japan Studies and Japanese Language for international students.
Enrollment in April 2016: Degree-seeking undergraduate students: 884
(Including 44 international students from 16 countries)
Degree-seeking graduate students: 45
(Including 13 international students from 7 countries)
Acceptance rate:
(class of 2018, degree seeking students)
* Based on the total number of applicants and admitted students for all of AIU's entrance examinations.
International Exchange Students: 168 from 33 countries and regions
Starting Semester: April or September
Number of Subjects Offered: 334
(AY 2015)
Partner Institutions: 183 institutions in 47 countries and regions.
* All local degree-seeking students at AIU are required to complete one year of study abroad at one of these partner institutions to graduate from the university.
Number of Outgoing Students Studying Abroad: 178 students in 37 countries and regions
Student Faculty Ratio: 12:1
(Degree-seeking undergraduate students Full-time Faculty)
Male-Female Ratio: Degree-seeking undergraduate students: 1:1.5
Degree-seeking graduate students: 1:0.9
Full-time Faculty Members: 83
(Including 39 international faculty)
Part-time Faculty Members: 39
(Including 7 international faculty)
Administrative Staff: 86