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Nakajima Library

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The Nakajima Library is always open to students and never “sleeps.” We want to provide a place where you can always study.

The university has incorporated this idea into the library. The library is a composite structure of timber and reinforced concrete with a unique semicircular design not seen anywhere else in the country: the theme is the “Book Coliseum.” Akita prefecture’s native cedar has been widely used in the construction. The traditionally crafted umbrella-shaped roof has a striking presence, giving users a sense of tranquility and calm.

The Nakajima Library

The Nakajima Library was specifically-designed by architect Mitsuru Senda and has won numerous awards, such as the Murano Togo Prize, the JIA Award, the International Architecture Awards 2010, the Good Design Award, among others.

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Books 77,671 (49,886 Western books; 27,785 Japanese books)
Journals 172 titles (108 Western titles; 64 Japanese titles)
CDs and DVDs 3,284 items
Online databases 10 titles
Newspapers 10 titles

As of April, 2016

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Please enjoy our beautiful library by watching this 4k resolution movie file.

You can also see inside the library by Google map indoor view.

Opening hours

General public Persons who have high school student card AIU Students AIU Faculty and
Staff members
Weekdays 9:00-22:00 6:00-22:00 24 hours/365 days
Weekends and Public holidays 9:45-18:00 6:00-22:00

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