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Be a Global Leader

We live in an era of globalization in which multifaceted exchanges transcend national borders, cultures, and languages. Information travels across the globe in the blink of an eye, making our lives more convenient. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern where to stand on issues and what paths to take.

In such an era of uncertainty about the future, not many people may want to become leaders. That is why we continue to send out the message, “Be a Global Leader!”

We do so because this message shows us how to face up to difficulties, how to relate to those around us, and beyond that, how to live our lives.

In order to lead a chaotic society that is full of diverse values, leaders must have the ability to recognize others and boldly undertake problems for which there are no fixed answers.

On this campus, where you will be exposed to different cultures during your studies and in every aspect of your life, the skills you develop as you challenge yourself day after day will become the strength to pioneer the future.

AIU will take you from a small classroom in Akita to the global stage.

Be a Global Leader!

The educational philosophy of Akita International University "International Liberal Arts"

In the era of globalization with multilateral exchanges expanding across borders, we are required to have abilities to acknowledge each other's values and perspectives of the world and strive to solve various problems to create our own future.

Based on this recognition, Akita International University has established its own educational philosophy of International Liberal Arts to develop highly cultured, internationally-minded individuals with global knowledge and excellent foreign language skills capable of working globally.

Unlike specialized education aimed at the acquisition of deep knowledge of specific specialized fields, International Liberal Arts is aimed at the acquisition of 1) broad knowledge and understanding through learning and experience, 2) skills to solve problems, and 3) a multifaceted perspective capable of making appropriate judgment through newly developed inquisitiveness and the ability to think creatively without relying excessively on expertise in this increasingly complex and changing modern society.

For our International Liberal Arts, with elements such as small-group instruction, compulsory study abroad, multicultural campus environment, and trilingualism (native language, English, second foreign language) in addition to lectures on a wide range of fields and discussed entirely in English, students develop knowledge, morals, and foreign language communication skills based on their understanding of different cultures necessary for global leaders bearing the future of Japan.

Akita International University believes that its International Liberal Arts program is the educational philosophy that leads to the future.

Educational philosophy represented by the University's name
picture of a scrawled note

Mineo Nakajima, the first president of AIU, left his scribbled proposal for the University's name.

"A university aiming at the establishment of rich liberal arts education disappeared from the higher education system in Japan and development of practical foreign language communication skills"

We can imagine the process of focusing on his idea and philosophy in considering many proposals.


International Liberal Arts

Akita International University established International Liberal Arts, a new educational brand in the global era, through incorporation of global perspectives into its educational programs and activities, emphasis on the importance of implementing the whole curriculum in English and being able to understand people from all over the world, provision of a broad international academic exchange network, compulsory study abroad, creation of academic environment and living space for multicultural students on campus, and development and promotion of the spirit of liberal arts education throughout the University.


Educational Goals

With its innovative international liberal arts educational philosophy, Akita International University's mission is to prepare students to be leaders in global society; to be people who have established a strong sense of self, who are able to rise to the challenges of the times with integrity and passion, and who commit themselves to serving their local community and the world.

  • A command of English and other world languages that enables effective engagement and collaboration with people from multiple cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • A broad knowledge of world cultures, human societies and the natural world
  • A nuanced understanding of one's own cultural and self-identity
  • A multi-dimensional appreciation of and the complex issues of our times
  • The intellectual and practical skills necessary for disciplined observation and reasoning, principled inquiry, reflection, and thoughtful action
  • The ability to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines and resources
  • The capacity for creative, autonomous thought and the ability to make independent, informed decisions
  • A sense of personal and social responsibility that stems from leads to active civic engagement at local and global levels


Future Students

At Akita International University, we want students who share our philosophy:

  • Students with a strong desire to learn and a keen awareness of global issues
  • Students with practical command over other languages (especially English), who can play their part on the international stage, and who aspire to gain well-rounded education
  • Students with an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in the various cultures, languages, histories, and societies of the world, as well as in topics related to international relations such as economy and environment

Mission Statement