To take our International Liberal Arts education a step further, AIU has established the educational method that we call Applied International Liberal Arts (AILA). Please see the details for AILA.

Applied International Liberal Arts Education (AILA)

Our curriculum is divided into five categories:

Please read through the pages below for more information on each of these types of courses.

Since all courses are taught in English, international students are welcome to take any subject matter course in our curriculum. (Some Preparatory English, English for Academic Purposes, and Study Abroad preparation courses, as well as capstone seminars are restricted to degree-seeking students. Please see the "Course Offerings" link below for further information.)

Course Search:

The resources below will help incoming short-term international students to search available courses and descriptions to prepare their study abroad plans.

  • Course Offerings:
    Review this pdf first for a list of available courses for each semester. This document will also note whether courses are restricted to degree-seeking students or require any prerequisites/ language ability.
    Important: You will need to download this document and refer to it when using our online syllabus search function, below.
  • Course Schedule
    Review the day and time each of your classes is offered and arrange your schedule as necessary so that none of your class times conflict with each other. Class times will also be listed in the online syllabus,
  • Search our Online Syllabus
  • Course Registration Find schedule availability, registration, and add/drop dates, as well as credit registration requirements here.
  • Grading System
  • Academic Calendar