Japan Studies

More than 200 international students come to AIU every year to learn about Japan. Naturally, their knowledge about Japan varies widely. The Japan Studies courses are organized to meet these varied needs by offering a wide range of courses related to Japan and its relationships with the world. Most content courses are offered in English. However, a few are taught in Japanese for international students with advanced Japanese language skills.

The primary objective of the Japan Studies courses is to educate international students to achieve well-rounded familiarity with the language, history, culture, religion, society, literature, politics, business and economics in Japan.

Since Japanese language skills are the gateway to understanding Japan, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Japanese language courses, although doing so is not mandatory. Japan Studies courses are supplemented by extracurricular activities.

Local events, festivals, and field trips

Immersion Experiences
History and Culture Tours
  • Sake brewery and noodle factory visit
  • Yokote Manga Museum
  • Akita myths and legends: Folkloric walking tours
  • Restoration of mummies at Kaikoji Temple
  • Hiraizumi Temple Trail
  • Hiraizumi Kagura
  • Namahage of Oga Peninsula
  • Kosaka Kabuki
  • Takigi Noh
  • Kanto Festival
  • Kakunodate Festival
  • Yuwa Namahage Festival
  • Kakunodate Fire Festival
  • Yokote Kamakura Festival

As you see from the diagram below, the Japan Studies courses consist of a set of courses from various academic fields that are recommended for international students. You have the liberty of creating "your own Japan Studies" based upon your needs and interests.

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