Student Voice: Akita’s Winter Intensive Japanese language and culture program 2023, PEI-CHI LIOU, Tamkang University

We welcomed 33 students from Tamkang University, one of our long-time partner universities in Taiwan, for a one-week Online Winter Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program that was held from January 10th through January 19th.

In this program, 15 graduate students from the Japanese Language Teaching Practices program at AIU, as part of their educational training, organized practical Japanese language and culture classes for students studying Japanese at Tamkang University.

Here is a comment from Ms. PEI-CHI LIOU who participated in this program.

Akita’s online program is a great experience for all the participants to make the most of what we’ve learned. For me, this interactive online program can improve listening skills and help us to enhance our communication with others.

In the courses we’d been taking at our home university, it felt like were were being  spoon-fed, but in this online course, we are not only listening to what teacher is teaching but also engaging in communication. For instance, in this course we have to express our own opinions to others which means that even if we have a fear of speaking in a foreign language, we still have to overcome it and express our views. Besides the Japanese teaching classes,  we were also introduced to Soran Bushi, which is a form of famous traditional song and dance in Japan. In the beginning, Warabi-za performers* showed us how to dance, and then everyone danced along.

“Soran Bushi” Dance

What impressed me the most is the moment that everyone stood at the computer and started dancing. In this way, I though, we were not only immersed in the moment by dancing but also learning about the local culture completely.

Although this year we could not go to Akita in person to engage in the course, the online program was still an unforgettable course for me. Above all, we learned a lot of Japanese as well as about their traditional culture which broadened my horizons. I’m looking forward to joining this program again!

*The Warabi-za is a famous theater company in Akita that portrays the heart of the modern age with a variety of expressions based on folk traditions.