A Day in Life of an Exchange Student in AIU: Wen Feng, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Wen Feng, the second from left, having fun with her friends in the shared kitchen in the dorm.


It’s been one and a half months since I arrived at AIU. Everything is nice, the weather is comfortable, the courses are excellent, and I have a lot of opportunities to make friends with people from all over the world. My days at AIU can be so different! All of them are wonderful and worth recording. Now I invite you to join me on one of my Thursdays in AIU together.


8:00 am – The day begins

On Thursdays, I get up at 8:00 in the morning. My first class begins at 10:30 am, therefore, I have enough time to eat breakfast and prepare for my Japanese class. I like to make breakfast by myself when I wake up because I enjoy the time alone. I always hope to have a wonderful day!


10:30 am – Japanese class

I have a Japanese class four times a week, the intensive course helps my Japanese level progress so fast! We have a quiz and homework every day, it’s not difficult as long as we review what the teacher taught. My classmates are made up of different countries, such as Taiwan, South Korea, and America, etc. I like the way the teacher teaches and so Japanese class is one of my favorite classes at AIU.


11:45 am – Lunch Time

My next class starts at 12:30 pm, so I usually have a rice ball for my lunch. The rice balls at AIU are popular, so it’s always better to go to the AIU shop quickly after my class end!


12:30 pm – Education Systems class

Education Systems is another one of my favorite classes at AIU. We learn the differences between the education systems in America and Japan. Students need to explore different educational issues per week, and the professor guides us to think from diverse perspectives. I feel that I learn a lot from every class.


Studying at LDIC ( Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center)


1:45 pm – Free Time

I have no class after Education Systems, so from now on it’s my free time. Sometimes I will go to the library to study or complete my assignments. Sometimes I will go to the LDIC. LDIC stands for Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center. I go there to practice my English speaking with native speakers. It is free of charge; I love this so much!


6:00 pm – Dinner and Badminton Club

There is an IH heater in my room, so I can cook whenever I want. For me, cooking is always a happy time. This semester I also belong to a badminton club, twice a week for two hours each day. Playing badminton is the most anticipated thing for me on Thursday. This is the reason why I love Thursday so much.


11:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Time to go to bed, and have a nice dream.


My Thursday is always a fulfilling day. It’s also my favorite day in a week. I want to share my life with you through this dairy to let you know more about life at AIU. Studying abroad is an adventure, and life at AIU makes the adventure more splendid. I’m glad that I’m here and also looking forward to the next eight months at AIU. I’m ready to greet every day with enthusiasm.