A Warm Spring Day’s Memories: Da In LEE, Konkuk University, Korea

Da In Lee Konkuk University Akita International University Kakunodate

Da In Lee (second from right) at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Kakunodate

Da In Lee is a first-semester exchange student from Konkuk University in Korea.

Akita International University Bus Trips


In spring semester, students at AIU went on field trips in the local area. The first field trip in 2017 spring semester was flower viewing trip to Kakunodate. There were many cherry blossoms in full bloom.

At the same time, cherry blossom festival was held there, and there were various performances and food. Especially, you can taste traditional, popular foods in Akita, like kiritanpo and oyakko-don during the festival. I took many pictures with my friends and saw beautiful cherry blossoms.

Oga Peninsula
oga peninsula field trip akita international university

Overlooking the Sea of Japan from Oga Peninsula

In the second field trip, I went to Oga Peninsula. Thanks to the school’s plan, I had a great trip. I went to the aquarium, and Namahage (traditional god in Akita) Museum. Also, I could watch the landscape of sea. Field trips are one of my great memories from AIU.

On-Campus Activities

And there are many kinds of circles (informal clubs) at AIU. Students can participate in various activities provided by circles, like hula dance, a capella, soccer, kanto, trip, etc.

Komachi hall kitchen

Korean Society Club meeting in the Komachi Hall Kitchen

Among them, I joined the Korea Society Club. In the Korean Society Club, I could experience many Korean pop culture (k-drama, k-pop) and traditional culture in Korea. We saw Korean movies together, listened to k-pop, and made some Korean food. The memories in Korean society club is also my best experience in AIU. I made many Japanese and international friends in that club.

A Good Place to Explore From

visiting Sapporo from AIU

Sapporo is close to Akita and makes a good destination for a short trip.

Also, Akita is good place to travel around. I traveled to Sapporo with my friends in June. Sapporo is a very famous tourist destination in japan. Because Sapporo and Akita are close, it is a good opportunity to plan a trip. In Sapporo, I had a great trip and enjoyed the wonderful scenery. Traveling to the surrounding cities is also one of the great memories you can make in AIU life.

Life at AIU is sure to be an unforgettable memory for you. I hope you to make good friends in AIU and to build happy memories.