AIU Environmental Club- Maki Kodama, Senior

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Here’s a message from the head of the AIU Environmental Club,  Maki Kodama.

We are the AIU Environmental Club!

Hello! We are the AIU Environmental Club!

Our aim is to be the most sustainable campus in Japan, and our activities relate to any environmental issues and SDGs.


This club is found in 2019. We try various projects to make impacts at AIU.

These are our previous activities below.

  •  Campus Clean-up
  •  Beach Clean-up
  •  Vegan Party
  •  Presentation Session: Sharing members’ experiences in their firms or explore   projects etc…
  •  Sharing knowledge in a regular meeting

Clean up around Campus

Clean up at Shimohama Beach, Akita city

Usually, more than half of all members are international students. However, most members went back to their home countries because of COVID-19, and 10 full-time students run the club now. Although we cannot meet at campus, we continue our projects as usual by using zoom!

Here are our current projects in the fall semester 2020!
We are also thinking of setting events’ schedules on time when previous international students can come! (Because they request so!!)

  •  Ecosia Project: increase awareness of the internet browser which can donate tree planting by using
  •  Pirika Project: Using Pirika app to track trash location in Akita
  •  Vegan Party Second
  •  Invite guest speaker and hold a lecture

You don’t need to care about your background in environmental actions!

If you are interested in our activities, we really welcome you to join us!!

Please look at our Facebook page to follow our current project!!

AIU Environmental Club

Presentation Session: the last event of last year, Sustainable future ~My story~