Greeting from the Club Circle Affairs - Taishi Endo, Sophomore

Akita International University encourages our students to take initiative and make their campus life more fulfilling.

Students plan and organize the AIU Festival, Club activities, socializing events throughout the year.

In this series of articles, we would like to introduce our student government and some of its committees. By getting involved with people and events at AIU, let’s make your study abroad unforgettable.

Here’s a message from the head of the Club Circle Affairs, Taishi Endo.

Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! This is Taishi Endo, the head of the Club Circle Affairs (CCA). I hope this page helps you understand what the CCA is like and what we are doing for the students’ lives!

Mr. Taishi Endo, third from the left, the head of the Club Circle Affairs (CCA).


CCA, which stands for Club Circle Affairs, is the committee that is in charge of the management of the official clubs and circles in this university. CCA is composed of delegations from several of the official clubs. It currently consists of the delegations from Akita International University Debating Society, AIU Rugby Club, AIU Studio E-sha (Photography Club), V-ACT, AIU Dance Club, and GPIAS (Futsal Club). All CCA members belong to a club or circle. We are, therefore, working to enhance the situation of club activities in AIU by hearing the direct voices from the circles and clubs.

Our main job is to organize clubs and circles which are officially allowed to do their activities in AIU. In addition, providing the students with valuable information about club activities is this committee’s essential job as well. For example, we hold a workshop about the subsidy for club activities each semester. The Activity Fair is also one of the important events held by CCA each semester, where you can learn a lot about the clubs in AIU! Unlike the Student Government Association or the AIU Festival Committee, CCA is not a well-known committee. Still, we are always trying to do our best for the students’ brilliant club and circle lives!

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Thank you for spending your time reading this page. Have your wonderful college life with fantastic clubs and circles at AIU!

Club Circle Affairs

Taishi Endo