If You’re Looking For Fun, Volleyball Club is the Place to Come!- Meika Iso, Sophomore


Are you interested in participating in some activities other than “study” during your study abroad?

Join one of AIU’s 40+ clubs and circles to pursue your passions, build friendships, and practice intercultural communication in several languages.

AIU Voices would like to introduce you to some of the club activities at AIU. Through these club activities, you may not only make great memories, but you may also meet friends for life!

Here’s a message from the head of the Volleyball Club, Meika Iso.

We are AIU Volleyball Club!!


If you’re looking for fun, AIU Volleyball Club is the place to come!

Our club focuses not only on growth and cooperation but also on having FUN!

We practice 2 hours 2-3 times a week at Suda Hall (pre-corona and hopefully post-corona). There are occasional tournaments 1 to 2 times per semester where participation is optional. The rules we go by in both practice and tournaments are usually for 9-man volleyball.

Last year’s last practice.


ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME, whether you are experienced, a beginner, looking to get better, or here to just get a sweat! One of the best parts of our club is that it’s easy to get along with everyone. This is because 1, volleyball is a team sport and requires lots of cooperation and communication, and 2, all of our practice menus are done in a way where we incorporate everyone, so there is no separation between different groups of people (there are exceptions, however, for practices before tournaments). Several International students have talked about how much they enjoyed the volleyball club while in AIU because of how fun and inclusive it is.

So if you want to make more friends easily, our volleyball club is the best place to come!

We also have 2 coaches who are both very kind and welcoming so you will feel at home in no time.


Once on-campus life comes back, please give our club a peek and see if it suits you!

Until then, stay safe and we will see you soon.


The party at the end of the semester.