My Favorite Experience at AIU: Chen Bing Hong, Ithaca College, U.S.A.

Chen Bing Hong, in her Yatose uniform


Being at AIU has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only have I had the opportunity to take classes that I wouldn’t be able to take back at home, but I’ve also been able to participate in a lot of fun activities while meeting SO many wonderful people.

Firstly, one of my favorite classes is Akita Rural Studies. Although the workload was a bit daunting at first, we discuss and explore some fundamental concepts and ideas about the human relationship with the environment (in our case especially, Mount Takao). As an Environmental Studies major, being able to learn about local narratives, sentiments, and ideologies while also doing actual fieldwork and talking to local people has been fulfilling. It makes me feel stronger about my academic path.


At field trip to Takao San (Mount Takao), in the “Akita Rural Studies “

Aside from academics, two of my favorite clubs are Yatose and Dance Club. I’d never had the opportunity to be a part of an official dance team and only had a little bit of experience with K-Pop dance, but it was effortless to join, and I’ve made a lot of friends while practicing, improving, and having fun! Yatose is full of some of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve met here, and I really love our team so much. If you want to get some casual exercise, channel your inner-Genki-ness, and have lots of laughs with awesome people – I HIGHLY recommend joining Yatose!!


At Yatose Festival

There are so many things for students to do, like participating in RCOS activities, going on bus trips, or on-campus events/celebrations – ESPECIALLY the AIU Festival! If you come to AIU, definitely MAKE SURE to be around for the festival! The campus came alive with intense energy, and you can sense just how much hard work every member of every committee and club put into ensuring the success of the festival.

No matter what is happening, one thing always remains true – the people here are amazing. The connections and friendships I’ve made with so many supportive and wholesome people have brightened my life so much. Thank you, AIU, for having me!! 


CHEN, Bing Hong

Fall Semester, 2019