Student Voice: A chance to explore Japan – Ho Yin (Gordon) LAU, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Ho Yin (Gordon) LAU from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, is participating in our exchange program for the Fall 2023 semester. We would like to introduce his experience at AIU.

The most impactful time in my personal journey

 First snow of my life at AIU campus

This is the first time that I have come to Japan, and I would say the journey at AIU will be one of the most impactful experiences in my personal journey.

I have spent nearly four months in Akita.

Here, I could experience different surroundings, with many different views and people.

Here, I have seen snow for the first time in my life, and first experienced below zero temperatures.

Here, I have started to learn Japanese, which I wanted to try before but had never been able to.

Omagari Fireworks Festival in Omagari, Daisen City

One of the experiences that I want to highlight is the fireworks festival in August.

There are fireworks in Hong Kong, but I have never seen fireworks on this big of a scale before.

In particular, I have never seen something so amazing at a national scale.

On my field trip to Aomori (autumn scenery)

Exploring Japan

I would also like to mention when I went on lots of travels in Japan during holidays. 

Not only is this the first time that I have been to Japan, but this period of time provided me lots of chances to explore Japan. Not only Akita itself, I could also explore other regions and the diversity of Japanese culture.

I could explore the nature views in Akita and Aomori, and I could feel the busy urban culture in large cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

Trip to Asakusa, Tokyo (dango dumplings topped with strawberry slices and colorful sweet bean paste)

I would like to thank my university and AIU for letting me experience living for a semester in Japan.

It marks a remarkable moment in my life.