Student Voice: A Journey Beyond Seas – My Japan Study Experience – Ula KANDUC, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ula KANDUC, from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia is participating in our exchange program for the Fall 2023 semester. We would like to introduce her experience at AIU

My studies at AIU have truly been the most impactful and inspirational times in my life.

Not only is the campus surrounded by lush and green scenery to make the perfect tranquil living and study spot, but it’s also filled with lovely and exciting opportunities and people alike! 

AIU organises loads of events as well so life here is never boring!

I am also so honoured to have joined activities to enhance student life at AIU myself! My favourite activity so far has been the Tea Ceremony club!

The amount of history, tradition and poetry involved in over 200+ types of tea ceremony are so interesting and fun to learn about thanks to the most wonderful Sensei and older AIU students.

When it comes to studies I think the best feature is the 24/7 open library! While I decorated my dorm to feel cosy and modern I love also having such an inspirational place to work!

Additionally, the professors are very innovative and I am so grateful to experience their perspectives in teaching and assignments.

Highlights of Study at AIU

Friendships are one of the best things about the dorm life at AIU!

The Tsubaki Village dorms have communal kitchens that make it so fun to cook together with roommates and celebrate special occasions such as cupcake decorating for birthday parties and the Japanese food night we organised together!

Japanese Food Night Organized with Roommates in Tsubaki Village, AIU Campus

Additionally, the walking path encircling the sports dome, situated outdoors, has afforded an ideal venue for my running regimen.

The evolving, season-dependent scenic transformations have consistently contributed to the enjoyment of my physical training.

Community Outreach: Planting Roots

Elementary School Outreach Activity, Akita

AIU had loads of opportunities to interact with the local community which were filled with endearing opportunities to learn the culture and language, and to make lasting impressions!

I particularly enjoyed community outreach programs because I love my small home country and being able to share my culture with locals.

Exploring History & Shintoism

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Kyoto visit

While studies at AIU are more than enough to keep me busy, I was also able to enjoy organised trips such as that to the Oga peninsula and learn about the Akita legend of the Namahage!

Through my additional travels around Japan, I also was able to visit many temples and shrines and learn about the meaning of many cultural symbols and practices!