Student Voice: Although it’s not the experience I wanted, all my teachers are helpful. – Gyda Moller, University of Bergen, Norway

I was supposed to start as an exchange student at Akita April 1st, 2020, but because of the Coronavirus, I was unable to do so. Instead, I have been taking my classes online. Although it’s not the experience I wanted, all my teachers and university employees have been helpful.


The teachers even went through the trouble of making two classes so that everyone could come to class at a time that was suitable for their time zone. One of the problems with online courses is that we have gotten more work at home, and there is less help available.

Although all the teachers offer to help, it is still more difficult online, especially because of the difference in time zone. I was supposed to live at Nihongo House at Akita. As such, I would hopefully have had the opportunity to ask for help from my roommate or other students living in the building or even go to the teacher’s office and ask for help.

However, there have been some upsides to this situation. The teachers have been making videos to prepare for lessons, and I have found these to be helpful and easy to understand, making me well-prepared for the lessons. I have also been able to find a language partner with the help of one of my teachers, which allows me to practice Japanese in a more open situation. Although I am very regretful that I cannot go to Akita, I have been blessed with excellent teachers and classmates.


Currently studying in AIU’s online Spring 2020 Semester.