Student Voice: Appreciating the Wonders of Akita-Warit Trikasemsak, Mahidol University International College, Thailand

AIU has restarted hosting international exchange students for the first time in two years starting from the Spring 2022 semester. Student Voice introduces what international exchange students have learned and experienced at AIU and in Akita.

Here is a message from Mr. Warit Trikasemsak.

Being an exchange student at AIU has enriched my academic experience and cultural awareness with the sheer level of diversity AIU’s campus has to offer. Some of my favorite and most memorable moments in Akita during my exchange were made here on campus grounds. At AIU, there are countless clubs and activities to choose from both on and off campus all organized by students and the university. 

Joining clubs and participating in team-building activities was the best way to experience the community AIU has to offer! Participating in the basketball club was the best way for me to meet new people and make new friends, thoroughly enriching my time and experience here at AIU as an exchange student. Not only did I make friends and build relationships, skills, and experience, I also learned to appreciate and adapt to the individual differences and an ever-so-changing environment and atmosphere of an international community! 

Basketball Club: Last practice of Basketball Club for the Spring Semester.


One trip that I still reminisce about was the Oga Peninsula Trip organized by AIU. Partaking in the trip gave me the chance and opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of Akita! This journey helped me discover the beauty of nature in the local landscape ranging from the stunning views of the steep cliffs, serene ocean breeze, and magnificent mountains of Akita Prefecture. Along the way, I had the chance to meet new people to keep me company on the tour and hour long bus ride to and from Oga Peninsula. 

Oga Trip: Visiting Oga Peninsula Northwest of Akita Prefecture.


Lastly, taking the Digital Marketing course offered at AIU allowed me to deepen my understanding of the Japanese working and living culture by giving me the opportunity to research, create, and simulate a marketing campaign for the local television broadcasting company ‘Akita Television’. Doing so opened the doors to develop my own individual skills in leadership and communication as well as meeting lifelong friends! 

Digital Marketing: Collaborative classwork creating an online banner for Digital Marketing class. Mr. Warit Trikasemsakis on the far left.

From the Center for International Affairs

It is amazing that even during this short spring semester abroad Warit was able to experience the diversity of AIU, develop the ability to adapt to a global society, and meet lifelong friends all through club activities, trips, and classes! Although it might not be easy for some students to adapt to a new environment, we hope that they will hone many of their skills through your study abroad experience at AIU.