Student Voice: Educational Gateway: Appreciating the Interweaving of Cultures – Amber Lian HAYLOCK, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Amber Lian HAYLOCK from University of Sussex, United Kingdom, is participating in our exchange program for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semester. We would like to introduce her experience at AIU.

Nature welcomes you wherever you stand on campus

Playing in snow with Filipino Friend Group, AIU Campus

Choosing to experience Japan through Akita was the ideal beginning of my study abroad.

Feeling the seasons change since my arrival has been an experience in itself. Seeing the snow gleam from the trees is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

Nature welcomes you wherever you stand on campus, so looking outside is always refreshing.

Being in a rural area does not mean missing out on urban conveniences. Reaching the city from our campus is only a short half-hour ride away!

Meanwhile, around the corner is a shopping mall I’m still exploring as it seems to never run out of stores, ranging from places such as a hair salon, restaurants that offer a long list of different cuisines, and even a game arcade!

There is no time to be bored in Akita. 

Dinner At Dining & Lounge Ayera (near AIU Campus) With Friends

AIU offers a range of events and trips

AIU offers a range of events and trips beginning from when you arrive, so making friends will never be a worry.

Fieldtrip Visit to a Ryugen-ji Buddhist Temple in Yurihonjo City
Sado Club (Tea Ceremony) Fieldtrip, me and Julian
Japanese Garden, Fieldtrip to Hitotsumori Park, Akita City

Visiting Oga and watching traditional Taiko drumming alongside the regional Namahage act with my friends was so fun!

It allowed me to explore and do activities without the hassle of having to plan everything myself.

Namahage statues, Oga Peninsula Bus Trip

Gaining knowledge in fields outside of my degree

I love the diversity of courses offered to international students. Joining classes like Sado (Tea Ceremony) gave me a newfound appreciation for the culture.

Meanwhile, learning Japanese with my friends was definitely a highlight due to how entertaining our teacher made it!

I enjoyed gaining knowledge in fields outside of my degree. When there is work to do, I find myself peacefully tucked away in the wonderous architecture of the Nakajima Library.

Sado (Tea ceremony) Club

The hospitality

The locals, including the students, never hesitate with their hospitality.

Older students showed us local attractions such as the beach, where you can enjoy a swim, so I highly recommend dipping your toes in the water at least once!

Beach Day With Friends