Student Voice: My AIU Experience – Charlotte Andersson, Linkoping University, Sweden

Johanna, relaxing in Yukata (Japanese garment normally worn in Summer or after bathing.


The main reason why I chose to study abroad was that I wanted to see the world. Secondly, I wanted to experience a different culture from my own. I love being in nature, so I wanted to go to a country that could offer me a beautiful scenery and have quality education at the university. When AIU came up as an option, it immediately caught my interest.

So far, I have faced many challenges. I’ve experienced more than I could imagine before I left my country. The best part of AIU is the diversity of people who study here. Students come from many parts of the world. It has been exciting to discover each other’s differences and learn about each other’s cultures. It was scary at first, but most people at AIU come here to learn more about the world, your home included, which connects us instantly and gives us something to share and discuss. I have realized that parts of my worldview was based on prejudice, and I am glad to have it removed.

Alongside my studies, another great thing about my stay is that I could travel across Japan. I have discovered many parts of the country. My favorite trip so far was to Iwate Prefecture, which is the neighboring prefecture to Akita. It was in the middle of fall when the autumn leaves were at their most spectacular, and the temperature was still mild. We traveled through the countryside, and lived at an Onsen hotel, ate a lot of local food, and took long walks in nature areas. We even made some new friends during a late dinner in the city of Morioka. It was a beautiful trip that I will always remember.

The most challenging part of studying abroad in Japan was the culture shock I went through at the beginning of the semester when you must learn to adapt your lifestyle to the way of life here. Sweden is very different from Japan, and I will never regret coming here because it has made me braver and more independent than I was before. The only thing I have to say to someone considering studying here; Please do!


Studied at AIU in Fall Semester 2019.