Student Voice: Online course, but you still feel like a part of a united and motivated community – Paula Ogorodnikova, University of Latvia

Paula, taking her Japanese Art History class online.


Going to Japan was, perhaps, that one thing I was so eagerly looking forward to. I had started to make lists for things I want to do, places I want to visit, when, what felt like overnight, the world (quite literally) changed. I think this period took something away from everyone – a chance to meet friends, travel, or, as in my case, study abroad.

Saying that I felt sad would be an understatement, I thought that all my efforts have led to nothing. What felt to be approaching, now seemed entirely out of reach.
Each day I wake up, finding dark sky behind my curtains. It’s 3 a.m., and everyone’s sleeping. Only my cat Mika seems interested in why I’m awake at such an hour.
At the beginning of each lecture, I am always warmly welcomed by the kindest and most understanding professors ever. Such an individual approach to every student makes one feel noticed and increases motivation to study.

At AIU, You are asked to think. Not just learn definitions and memorize dates. During lectures, students often have to discuss different topics and share their thoughts, which makes one’s knowledge more multi dimensional. You start to form opinions and view the world differently.

I sometimes think – how would it have turned out if I had chosen not to take a part of these online studies and just kept on studying in Latvia? No sleepless nights and my study year would have been over by now.
The experience AIU has given me is one I would never have gotten had I decided to take the easy road. The spirit of the university transcends the computer screen. You feel like a part of a united and motivated community, which I am thankful to have a chance to experience.


Currently studying in AIU’s online Spring 2020 Semester.