Student Voice: Why is the AIU experience so unique?-Marc Ito, PSB Paris School of Business, France

AIU has restarted hosting international exchange students for the first time in two years starting from the Spring 2022 semester. Student Voice introduces what international exchange students have learned and experienced at AIU and in Akita.

Here is a message from Mr. Marc Ito.

Mr. Marc Ito (Rice Plantation activity with Local Farmers)


My dear Akita. This town located in the north of the Tohoku region is a wonderful representation of the Japanese countryside. The city is surrounded by mountains, sea, rice fields, nature, and above all, a soothing calm. My biggest fear that the rural environment would lead to boredom when coming here is actually what became Akita’s biggest strength. Far from the madness of cities, this environment soothes my spirit. The close-knit community of AIU makes it possible to savour each moment without worry. It’s probably the component that has made my AIU experience so unique and beautiful: a diverse community from all walks of life, all united and moving in the same direction!

A day at AIU is extremely rich in exchange. The cafeteria, the Nakajima library, the student dormitories, the concert hall, the café, student events, the bar: many are places of cohesion. 

Need to escape? Nature is always right next door: sunset, hiking, barbecue on the beach etc.

Need to have fun? The town of Akita is just nearby: restaurant, amusement park, museum, shopping center etc.

During my spring semester, I had the chance to interact with various local inhabitants: I participated in glassblowing activities, planted rice, represented AIU during open campus day, and taught French to Japanese students. These are some rare opportunities to share a precious moment with the Akita population. Food, Kanto festivals, cultural sites, Akita has still much more to offer. AIU has allowed me to experience moments well beyond my expectations! Arigatoありがとう)!

Glassblowing activity with Akita University of Art


From the Center for International Affairs

Some might feel nervous or anxious before going to an unfamiliar place or interacting with local people. However, please gather the courage to participate in opportunities to interact with many people on AIU’s campus and off-campus. Having as many unique experiences as Marc did during his time here will make your time at AIU more enjoyable and fulfilling.