Student Voice: AIU Study Abroad-Kaream Reid, University of Denver, USA


Mr. Kaream Reid from University of Denver, USA


My name is Kaream Reid. My background as a Japanese language student is a little more unorthodox than most; I started learning Japanese in high school, but after graduating and moving away for college, I wasn’t able to find any affordable Japanese lessons. The school I enrolled in was a community college, so it didn’t teach Japanese as a part of its curriculum. I was discouraged at first and contemplated giving up. I told myself that I would search for an affordable teacher one more time before I did, and luckily I found a church in my area called Simpson Methodist United that had Japanese lessons every Saturday. I was able to attend these lessons throughout community college, and I even continued taking them as a transferred to the University of Denver.

Once I enrolled at the University of Denver, I added Japanese as my minor. DU has a comprehensive study-abroad program, and I was lucky enough to get selected for AIU. Unfortunately, this was during the same time that COVID-19 hit the U.S, and my physical study abroad program was cancelled. I was able to petition my school for a virtual study abroad program instead, and even though it has been difficult due to the time change (all my classes are from 11pm-4am), I am so grateful to still have this opportunity. AIU does a really great job at keeping students connected even virtually. There are always open-lecture events about interesting topics, and I was able to join Japanese social clubs and make friends.

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I knew I would be pushing myself to my limits by deciding to study abroad at AIU this semester. And to be frank, there are still days where I get exhausted or frustrated and feel a little helpless; yet, there are just as many days where my teachers are understanding and make me laugh or I learn something new from my Japanese peers, and I couldn’t imagine not having this experience. When I can finally come to Japan, I can’t wait to visit everyone in person.