We are Ohana!- Monami Nose, Sophomore


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Here’s a message from the head of the Hula dance Club, Monami Nose.


We are the Hula dance club!!


Hello, we are the Hula dance club!! We usually dance in the mirror room at AIU every Tuesday and Thursday. In spite of the current difficult situation, we do not stop our practice. Now, we practice on Zoom. What is more, we plan to do an online Christmas show in December.

At last year’s festival in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture.


About ten students belong to the Hula club. It seems small, but we have more students who are seniors. I heard that they can come back to the club after study abroad! I am happy that I can dance with them again. Additionally, two exchange students joined our club two years ago, and three joined last year! One exchange student was a man, so we did the male style of hula!! Many people may think that hula dance is for women, but it is wrong. The male hula is cool and powerful. We welcome both boys and girls.

At a show on campus last fall. They did the male style of hula!!


In practice, we teach dance to each other. Sometimes, Ms. Kikuchi, who has her hula school in Akita, comes to us and teaches dance more in detail! We can learn not only the motion but also the history of Hawaii.

Nowadays, we cannot have time to relax. If you are in that situation, I recommend you to listen to hula music because that makes you feel comfortable. Another important thing is that hula is not so hard. Therefore, everyone can start and get used to dancing as soon as possible!! If you are interested in the hula club, please come and see our club and let’s enjoy dancing together😊