We are the 18th AIU Festival Committee!!-Tatsuya Kawano, Sophomore

Akita International University encourages our students to take initiative and make their campus life more fulfilling.

Students plan and organize the AIU Festival, Club activities, socializing events throughout the year.

In this series of articles, we would like to introduce our student government and some of its committees. By getting involved with people and events at AIU, let’s make your study abroad unforgettable.

Here’s a message from the head of the 18th AIU Festival Committee, Tatsuya Kawano.

We are the 18th AIU Festival Committee. The AIU Festival has been held mainly by students with the support of staff and faculty. We are the committee deciding how to prepare for and how to hold the AIU festival.

Work displayed by the Campus Art department of the AIU Festival Committee(2019)


Our committee consists of 10 departments: Executive, Project Campus, Project Stage, TECH, Campus Art, Corporate Sponsor, Public Relations, Food Stand, AIU Contest, and General Management. These departments keep in touch and work together.  For example, at present, we are collecting plans to be carried out on the Main stage and the Web site, considering the feasibility, and conducting risk management when carrying out those plans. In addition, at meetings where the directors of each department gather, we share information and think about their work with togetherness. The topics of these meetings are sometimes difficult but we spend a lot of time discussing and communicating with each other to make final decisions!

Last year, the 17th AIU festival was held totally online due to the spread of COVID-19. However, this year, we all, the number of the committee is about more than 200 members, try to make a fantastic and exciting festival with our efforts!

The 18th AIU Festival Executive Committee Director’s Online Meeting


If you see the 18th AIU festival in person or online, I strongly believe that you will have a good time there! Also, this AIU festival is not only for on-campus AIU students but also for international students. So, please feel free to come to the 18th AIU festival in October.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.