Campus Life

Community Outreach

Cooperation with the Local Community

Akita International University (AIU) arranges over 200 activities with the local community each year. Consistently rated among students' favorite aspect of AIU, these activities offer a unique backstage pass to experience rural Japanese life and culture.

1. Hosting open lectures and international conferences

Besides holding open lectures throughout Akita Prefecture, AIU promotes globalization and internationalization through international conferences and symposiums.

2. Participation in committees, etc.

AIU faculty sits on committees organized by community councils and groups inside and outside Akita Prefecture.

3. International exchange through local traditional events, festivals, etc.

AIU and its study abroad students in particular promote international exchange through their participation in traditional events and festivals inside and outside the prefecture.

Picture of Fukigari

Fukigari, butterbur harvest (Akita-city, Niida)

Picture of athletics festival

Regional athletics festival (Akita-city, Yuwa)

Picture of a speech

Talk about the dream (Daisen-city, Omagari)

Picture of wworkshop

Workshop with Hokuto Bank

Picture of Yamahage

Yamahage festival (Akita-city, Yuwa)

Picture of open lecture

English intensive course (Open Lecture)

Cooperation with Educational Institutions

1.Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement between AIU and Akita Board of Education
Picture of Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

In June 2014, AIU concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the Akita Board of Education.

This agreement will aim to enhance the relationship and cooperation between AIU and the Akita Board of Education for educational and human resource development in Akita Prefecture by mutually utilizing educational functions in close coordination among a wide range of areas.

Hereafter, we will strengthen cooperation with each other to

1) promote and improve educational activities and deal with various issues relating to education; 2) enhance qualifications and abilities of teachers; 3) contribute to education support and student activities.

2. Collaboration with elementary, middle, and high schools within Akita Prefecture
  • AIU sends faculty to serve as guest lecturers.
  • AIU also sends international exchange students to participate in cultural exchange activities and English classes.
Exchange activities through agreements with local municipalities

Picture of an exchange activity in a local elementary schoolAIU has established international exchange agreements with several local communities in Akita Prefecture—Happō-town (November 2007), Daisen-city (February 2009), Oga-city (May 2010), Yurihonjō-city (April 2011), Misato-town (December 2012), Senboku-city (July 2014) and Ogata-village (November 2017). We actively pursue exchange activities through these agreements, as well as through sending faculty to and accepting campus visitors from the local hometowns of our students. In addition, interaction with local communities is taken a step further when some families in these towns host “home stay” students, following the exchange activities with the local school.

AIU also engages in exchange projects by sending students to and hosting guests from schools with whom we do not have formal exchange agreements.

3. Collaboration with higher education institutions in Akita Prefecture
University Consortium Akita

Through a shared goal of contributing to the development of the local community, 14 higher education institutions in Akita Prefecture cooperate and pool resources, such as offering open lectures, to prefectural residents.

Four Universities Collaborate in Activities: AIU, Akita University and Akita Prefectural University, and Akita University of Art
Picture of four universities collaborative initiative

Four Universities collaborative initiative

In March 2009, AIU established a tripartite agreement with Akita University and Akita Prefectural University to leverage each university’s individual strengths in education and research fields in order to collaboratively contribute to the local community. The Akita University of Art has also joined in 2014, and each year we are working together to host open lectures and exchange activities.

4. Five-university global collaboration
Exchange activities through the Five-university Global Exchange Agreement with International Christian University (ICU), Asian Pacific University (APU), Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies (SILS), and Sophia University.

In pursuit of our shared goal of promoting globalization, AIU entered into a four-university agreement in April 2010 aimed at further increasing the strength of our academic environment and elevating the quality of our education. This was expanded to five universities with the inclusion of Sophia University in 2012. Collaboration under this agreement is followed along several avenues such as student exchange, joint educational projects, and joint faculty & staff training.

Exchange activities through our agreement with Asia Pacific University (APU)

Picture of a bus tripAIU reached an agreement with APU in June 2009 and currently exchange students through this initiative. Four AIU students have studied at APU and 10 APU students have studied at AIU thus far.