Campus Life

Campus Events

Community Involvement

As a public institution, it is AIU's mandate to provide abundant opportunities in which international students and people in the community get together to better understand one another. Akita still enjoys a range of valuable cultural assets that one cannot often find in major travel guidebooks about Japan.

Collaborating with various organizations, the Division of Research and Community Outreach Services (RCOS) prepares a series of programs focusing on traditional culture in Akita and in Japan so that international students can further their understanding of this country.

Community Outreach

University Events and Field Trips

Just like other countries, Japan can be better understood when you get out of the classroom and experience it firsthand. The Division of Student Services arranges various opportunities to experience Japan and to discover Akita and the Tohoku region through field trips. Destinations include: local sightseeing spots, concerts, sporting events, and volunteer work.

Throughout the year, various events are organized by the Division of Student Services, Student Government, and clubs and circles. International students are also welcome to plan their own unique events.

Below is an example of the list of events during the year. Please note that some events may not be available on a specific year.

University Events Field Trips
February Rock Band Concert
Dance Performance Live
A Cappella Concert
April Welcome Party
Rock Band Concert
May Jazz Live
June Rock Band Concert Oga Peninsula Bus Trip
July Summer Festival
Rock Band Concert
Intercultural Party
A Cappella Concert
Dance Performance Live
Hawaiian Hula Dance Performance Live
Jazz Live
August Kanto Festival
September Kakunodate and Lake Tazawa Bus Trip
October AIU Festival
Halloween Event
November Yokote Bus Trip
December Hawaiian Hula Dance Performance Live
Rock Band Concert
Christmas Event