AIU’s Response to Akita Prefecture Raising COVID-19 Infection Alert Level

Due to the increase in infections in Akita City since the start of April, Akita Prefecture has raised the Infection Alert Level for Akita City from 3 to 4 and requested residents of the prefecture to implement thorough infection risk reduction measures. However, the measures already in place at AIU are consistent with the prefecture’s increased requests due to the new level, so the university will remain at Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Level 2.

However, based on the reality of the increasing COVID-19 infection numbers within Akita City, we would like to ask your cooperation in the following measures:

Basic Infection Risk Prevention

  • Please continue to practice thorough infection risk prevention countermeasures as described in the “Akita International University COVID-19 Infection Risk Reduction Guidelines (Second Edition)”.

View the Full Guidelines

Risk Prevention Measures Based on Akita Prefecture’s Requests

  • In addition to avoiding travel outside of Akita Prefecture, please also avoid travel to locations within Akita where large crowds form and group travel for the time being.
  • Student extracurricular activities are permitted with some limitations as long as all possible precautions against the spread of infection are taken. However, please refrain from holding events with spectators or joint activities with groups (practices, competitions, etc.) for the time being.
  • Highly infectious variants of COVID-19 with increased risk of serious symptoms have been detected within Akita Prefecture, so when using large-scale shopping facilities, restaurants or other food and drink establishments, please maintain sufficient social distance from other patrons and pay particular attention to avoiding conversation without a facial mask while eating or drinking.
  • Students who take part in part-time work must thoroughly follow all infection risk reduction guidelines established by their employers.

For more information on AIU’s COVID-19 Response

Please see our dedicated COVID-19 response pagefor the most up-to-date information.

Shigetomo Tozawa, Executive Officer