AIU’s Response to Akita Prefecture Lowering COVID-19 Infection Alert Level

Since mid-May, the number of new daily COVID-19 infections confirmed in Akita City has fallen to single digits, including several multi-day stretches with no new infections confirmed in June, and the hospital bed usage rate has also fallen. Based on this situation, on June 11, Akita Prefecture determined to lower the Infection Alert Level for Akita City from Level 4 to Level 3 and end the additional requests made to city residents as of that date.

Based on this decision, AIU is updating its response as follows:

  • Trips within Akita Prefecture and to crowded locations, extracurricular activities that involve spectators or joint activities with other groups (practices, competitions, etc.) are permitted, but please observe the maximum possible infection risk prevention measures.
  • Please continue to refrain from traveling across prefectural borders.
  • When using large-scale shopping facilities, restaurants or other food and drink establishments, please continue to maintain sufficient social distance from other patrons and pay particular attention to avoiding conversation without a facemask while eating or drinking.

Although the Infection Alert Level for Akita City has been lowered, please remain conscious that highly infectious variants of COVID-19 with increased risk of serious symptoms may be around you at any time and continue to practice thorough infection risk prevention countermeasures as described in the “Akita International University COVID-19 Infection Risk Reduction Guidelines (Second Edition)” and university announcements.
The university will remain at Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Level 2.

Shigetomo Tozawa, Executive Officer