Resumption of In-Person Study Abroad

Since Akita International University suspended in-person study abroad at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, we have been carefully considering when to resume that program. Based on recent positive developments in Japan and abroad, including the preparedness of medical institutions to accept patients and establishment of treatment regimes, the penetration of infection risk prevention measures into the daily life of society, and the progress of vaccination rates, we have determined to resume in-person study abroad beginning in January 2022. In order to ensure a safe environment for all students, we will work in close collaboration with our overseas partner universities and a designated risk management company to take all measures to prepare students for their study abroad, including providing safety information about study abroad destinations prior to departure and establishing a 24-hour emergency response system. We will also conduct thorough pre-departure education program for these students.

Considering that we now live in an era where the future is uncertain, as we learn to coexist with COVID-19, through its study abroad and allied programs Akita International University will continue to strive to further enrich its whole-person education system, aiming at human development of future generations. Given this, we humbly ask for the continued support and understanding of our community of stakeholders, both within and outside Japan.

Monte Cassim

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