Machine Learning and Big Data course made available for displaced Ukrainian students

AIU is proud to announce that it has made one of its Global Connectivity (GC) Program courses, Machine Learning and Big Data, available online to 15 Ukrainian students starting from April 18th.

The action is part of the UCU Open University initiative, where Professor Florent Domenach, our Director of the GC Program, has agreed to join upon their invitation. The class will be held online in collaboration with the AIU students registered for this course.

Picture of Professor Domenach talking to a group of students in a classroom

Professor Florent Domenach

The AIU students have agreed to participate in the class online with open arms, which was initially scheduled as an in-person class.

The UCU Open University is the initiative of the Ukrainian Catholic University to help Ukrainian displaced students catch up with their studies while having potential challenges at home universities due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The UCU Open University attracts professors worldwide (Japan, Australia, Europe, and Canada) to open their courses for Ukrainians. The professors may enroll the Ukrainian students in their ongoing courses or start dedicated courses for the Ukrainian audience. After completing a course, students will gain the credits provided by the Ukrainian Catholic University following the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

Another member of the GC Program, Professor Attila Egri-Nagy, is also planning to provide a class under a similar initiative in the coming days.