Elementary Japanese Program: Online (E-JapON) 2022

AIU is currently offering a six-week intensive online summer program from June 15 to July 26.

This year, students from three different partner universities in Macau, the U.S.A., and Canada, are studying Japanese language and Japanese cultures such as Sado (Tea Ceremony), Kitsuke (Kimono-wearing), and Ikebana (Flower Arrangement). They also have conversation classes and practice speaking Japanese with AIU students. On July 8, they will participate in a virtual tour to learn about Akita city and interact with Akita Maiko (apprentice geisha) who perform traditional dance and music.

We hope that the participants enjoy learning Japanese language and cultures in the rest of the program and we look forward to seeing the improvements they have made at the end of the program!


The Tea Ceremony on June 24