Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Akita International University complies with the guidelines established by the government and other regulations including Akita prefecture privacy protection ordinance and handles appropriately personal information of students and faculty members based on the Personal Information Protection Regulations of Akita International University to ensure the protection of information and privacy. We also engage in educational activities and strive to use and protect personal information in an appropriate manner.

Definition of personal information

The term refers to personal information (including records created electronically, magnetically, and using other methods unrecognizable to the human perception) that can be used to identify a specific individual (including information that can identify a specific individual when collated with other information).

What to consider when handling personal information

1. Methods of acquiring personal information and purpose of use

Personal information shall be acquired by appropriate means within the necessary range, and the purpose of administrative operation requiring the handling of personal information must be clarified prior to acquisition of such information. However, personal information concerning thought, creed or religion shall not be acquired.
When changing the purpose of use, we shall publish or notify the data subject of the purpose.

Purpose of using personal information at our university

Personal information of students and their guarantors (guardians, etc.) is used to perform operations necessary for educational research activities of the University and provision of support for students as indicated below.

1. Personal information of students
Recruitment for students University brochures, campus supporter online member registration
For entrance examinations Selective examination for applicants, admission procedure (including provisional admission), university brochures
For educational purposes Issuance of student cards, registration (enrollment) guidance, registration of courses, lectures and examinations, grades, recognition of credits, grading (graduation) judgment, transfer of credits earned at partner universities, study abroad degree awards
For matriculation Interruption, readmission and withdrawal procedures
Student life Guidance and advice related to student life in general, introduction of welfare facilities, scholarship award (redemption), regular medical checkup, daily health consultation, counseling, support for extracurricular activities, condolence for disaster victims

For career orientation

Support for career (path) development, introduction of internships
Facility use Libraries
Other Communication and notifications, issuance of certificates, rewards and punishments based on university regulations
2. Personal information of guarantors

Communication necessary for giving students educational instructions etc. Delivery of items (academic record, statement of tuition fee payment, university event information, requests for sponsorship, information on important items sent to students).

2. Accuracy of information

It is necessary to maintain accuracy of acquired personal information within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.

3. Protection of information

The following measures will be taken to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information and other information.

  1. Disposal (deletion) of personal information no longer needed in a secure and prompt manner
  2. Prohibition of disclosure of personal information acquired in the course of duties to others and use of such information for inadequate purposes
  3. When entrusting all or part of operations requiring the handling of personal information to external parties, the measures necessary for the protection of personal information to be taken by those commissioned to perform the operations shall be clarified in the contract pertaining to the consignment.
Examples of protection methods
  • Lock the desks and cabinets in which personal information is stored.
  • Shred papers containing personal information when disposing of them.
  • Set a password for and encrypt electronic data containing personal information.

Requests for disclosure or provision of personal information

1. Requests made by the data subject

1. Disclosure

When disclosure of personal information is requested by the data subject, such information shall be disclosed to the data subject. However, when it is considered reasonable not to disclose, all or part of personal information shall not be disclosed. In such cases, the data subject shall be informed of the reason.
When disclosure is requested, the data subject will be asked to present their ID (e.g. student ID, passport) for identity verification.

2. Correction etc.

When correction, addition or deletion is requested by the data subject on the grounds that the content of personal information is untrue, necessary investigation shall be conducted and correction of the personal information shall be performed as applicable. When all or part of personal information is modified, or when a decision not to make modifications is made, the data subject will be informed accordingly (including the details of modifications if performed) and of its reason.

3. Suspension of use

If suspension of use of personal information is requested by the data subject on the ground that such information is being used for purposes other than the original purpose of use, necessary investigation shall be conducted and use of the personal information shall be suspended as applicable.

2. Requests by third parties

Personal information shall not be provided to third parties without obtaining prior consent of the data subject, except in the following cases.

  1. Where prescribed by laws and regulations
  2. Where the provision of personal information is deemed urgently required and unavoidable for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual
  3. Where personal information is provided to organizations of the country or Akita prefecture to be used within the limit necessary for performing operations and where there are reasonable grounds for using such information

When personal information is provided, implementation of security measures is required to impose restrictions on the purpose of use or the use of the personal information to be provided and other necessary restrictions.

Inquiries about personal information

The Division of Institutional Planning of the University's administrative office is in charge of responding to inquiries concerning personal information. Complaints shall be processed in a prompt and proper manner.

Division of Institutional Planning
Tel. +81-(0)18-886-5812
Fax. +81-(0)18-886-5910